10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Microdosing Shrooms

The idea that a small amount of psychedelic mushrooms could have a great deal of productivity and creativity benefits was the typical rumour -- well we are happy to report that this is no longer a rumour. It is reality!

The term microdosing has been floating around the cannabis community for some time now. The idea that a small amount of psychedelic mushrooms could have a great deal of productivity and creativity benefits was the typical rumour — well we are happy to report that this is no longer a rumour. It is reality! 

The microdosing of shrooms was first highlighted when being vastly used by the tech geniuses of Silicon Valley — they labeled the dosage as having both creativity benefits but also assisting in overall productivity. 

So, why microdose? Why not just take the ‘usual’ amount? Today we are going to provide you with ten reasons why microdosing shrooms can greatly improve your life!

Mental Health Benefits of Microdosing

In today’s world the focus on mental health is at an all time high and it is important that people understand all of the options out there to help them cope. It is understood that microdosing mushrooms can help someone with anxiety or depression when antidepressants are not working. 

That is not to say that microdosing is a solution or answer to mental health problems, instead it is understood that through taking psilocybin it can help you to feel better about yourself. In a study published by Scientific Reports — they looked at 19 patients who were all suffering from depressive states. The study concluded that through microdosing of mushrooms the patients started to feel greater blood flow and positive change in mood and stress.

Shift in Mood and Relaxation

According to studies,  microdoses of magic mushrooms can create a similar feeling of relaxation to low doses of cannabis. This feeling is developed through the activating serotonin in the brain’s neural circuits through a chemical messenger. This change is focused on the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for abstract thinking and thought analysis. More importantly, this area is also a key player in one’s mood and perception — this is why microdosing is often described as an “enjoyable and mentally stimulating high”.

Not a Time Waster

The key word here is micro. Since you are not consuming your standard amount of shrooms it is easy to then anticipate that the high is not as long lasting, meaning you don’t lose an entire day. As stated previously — microdosing can actually help with productivity! Don’t get us wrong, the long lasting, mind altering journey is a great time — but sometimes you want the benefits while staying responsible and productive.  

Focus with Microdose

We said it before and we will say it again – microdosing mushrooms can help with productivity. In a study completed by Harm Reduction Journal, a large number of microdosers were asked to report the effects on their everyday life. Over 15% of the participants stated they felt more conscious awareness, engagement and attentiveness, as well as mindfulness. When completing day to day tasks they felt their concentration and focus was heightened. 

10 Reasons To Microdose Shrooms - Psycolibib

Get Creative with Psilocybin

It cannot be forgotten that magic mushrooms hold that magic quality — and that does not stop when microdosing. Through several surveys it has been determined that microdosing shrooms allows for greater creativity due to a stronger sense of open-mindedness, creativity and wisdom. 

This new perspective in turn created a higher level of creativity, with participants commenting on being more in tune with emotions, learning from past mistakes and seeing things from various points of view. 

Distraction From Bad Habits

Studies completed at John Hopkins University, Boston University and Harvard University have all stated that microdosing magic mushrooms has outstanding positive benefits for fighting nicotine addiction and opioid abuse. The use of psychedelic drugs helps individuals quit addictive habits. 

Take Control of Your High

There is always a small fear of experiencing a bad high, often this fear comes from a past bad experience or from hearing some friend’s horror stories. Either way, no one wants to experience that paranoid induced high — and microdosing is a great way to make sure that doesn’t happen!

It is important to understand that when trying out microdosing you will need to create some kind of schedule or routine in order to truly experience the benefits. Typically keeping a 3 day schedule will allow for a good high, rather than a disruptive trip!

A proper microdose is believed to be one tenth of a typical dose — and this does not result in any kind of intoxication. We believe that microdosing should be done every 2 to 3 days or three times a week starting with a 100mg dosage. We also recommend microdosing in the morning so that you are able to enjoy the high benefits all day. 

Minimize Migraines with Psilocybin mushroom

If you are a migraine sufferer — we are here to help! A study published by the Harm Reduction Journal stated that the microdosing of psychedelic tryptamines is remarkably beneficial for those who suffer from treatment resistant migraines.

Physio Benefits when microdosing

Not only does microdosing mushrooms help migraine sufferers — other participants have reported physiological benefits. A small portion stated that microdosing mushrooms helped with visual senses, sleep quality and cardiovascular endurance. 

Just A Nicer Being

As we have pointed out previously, microdosing mushrooms has a direct impact on your prefrontal cortex and therefore on your entire emotional being. It is believed that microdosing shrooms makes you a warmer, more approachable person. In the Harm Reduction Journal study, participants reported feeling more extroverted, demonstrated more empathy and stronger connection to others. 

Final Thoughts

The cannabis community, including the microdosing mushrooms consumers, is a growing community with new opportunities. It has always been understood that the psychedelic high from shrooms will allow for hours upon hours of introspective, emotional tripping — often resulting in a new sense of self and a great deal of grogginess. 

However, today we would like you to look at microdosing as your new opportunity — your chance to experience that high, that creativity —  but also keep on, keepin’ on!  – Schedule 35 Microdose Shroom is available in the Quadzilla Shop



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