As a resident or a visitor to Alberta we know that any of our cannabis products will enhance your experience and it is easy to make that happen! The cannabis culture is growing every day — and Alberta is one of the hot spots. Home to the most weed stores in all of Canada it is clear that Albertans and visitors to Alberta want to buy weed online! Not only is weed delivery easy, but the cannabis laws are fair and easy to understand.

In Alberta it is easy to visit a store — you can find one in almost every area. But perhaps visiting a store isn’t for you, visit Quadzilla to buy your weed online, from your couch!

Buy Cannabis Online Alberta

Top Cannabis Products in Alberta

Flower (dried cannabis): This is the most commonly consumed form of cannabis and is available in a variety of strains and potencies.

Pre-rolls: These are pre-rolled joints that are ready to smoke and are available in a variety of strains and sizes.

Edibles: These are cannabis-infused food and beverage products, such as gummies, chocolates, and drinks, that are consumed orally.

Concentrates: These are high-potency cannabis extracts, such as shatter, wax, and oil, that are consumed through vaporization or dabbing.

Vape cartridges: These are pre-filled cartridges of cannabis oil that are used with a vaporizer pen.

Topicals: These are cannabis-infused creams, balms, and lotions that are applied directly to the skin for localized pain relief.

Capsules: These are oral capsules that contain a precise dose of cannabis oil and are consumed like a regular pill.

Tinctures: These are liquid cannabis extracts that are consumed sublingually (under the tongue) for a quick onset of effects.

Beverages: These are cannabis-infused drinks, such as teas and sodas, that provide a discreet and convenient way to consume cannabis.

Accessories: These include a wide range of cannabis-related products, such as pipes, bongs, vaporizers, and rolling papers, that are used for consumption.

Alberta Canada Dispensary - Buy Weed Online In These Alberta Cities

Red Deer
Fort McMurray
Medicine Hat
Grand Prairie
Spruce Grove
Fort Saskatchewan
Stony Plain
Sylvan Lake
High River

Buy Cannabis Online In Alberta

top selling Online Cannabis products In Canada

Buying weed in Alberta is pretty easy – lots of stores, lots of options! Statistics actually show that Alberta is home to one third of all cannabis stores making it the top cannabis consumer province in the country. Edmonton and Calgary host the majority of the stores considering their population and tourism industry – but that doesn’t mean the smaller towns like Red Deer, Medicine Hat and Lethbridge are left out.

Again, buying from a store is not your only option. Buying weed online in Alberta is actually even easier! If you buy weed online with us, we have ironed the best and fastest process around. All you need to do is register on our site, wait for your approval (with a quick turnaround time!), and you are ready to enjoy our Quadzilla cannabis catalogue. Our online buying provides you with the chance to fulfill your cannabis needs from the comfort of your couch!

It is important to note that buying weed online in Alberta is simple and quick — and also available to anyone over the age of 18! Our catalogue will provide you with whatever you want or need to satisfy your weed needs.

Buy Weed Online Alberta
Buy Edibles in Alberta - Shatter Bars
Euphoria Extractions Shatter Bars

Mail Order Marijuana in Alberta

New Dispensaries In Alberta

If you are looking to buy your weed online – it is super simple! When you visit Quadzilla you will be asked to register online, this will require you to share a piece of identification for proof of age. Remember the age to buy weed online in Alberta is 18 years of age. After submitting your identification, you will then go through our approval process. This is quick and easy — once you have your confirmation you are good to go!

Our Alberta dispensary cannabis products has a lot to offer – so while you are waiting for your approval make sure you check out what we have to offer! Whether you are consuming for recreational purposes, medicinal marijuana purposes or just to experiment we have a lot to offer. Ranging from a variety of flowers, edibles, concentrates and magic mushroom products — we have what you need! Don’t forget to also check out our CBD products — these products offer an opportunity for an overall better well-being.

Once you are ready to order, add your products to the cart, complete your online payment and sit back and relax! Our shipments are all delivered via Canada Post with tracking information to make sure you are able to see the progress and don’t have to worry. 

Why You should Buy Weed Online in Alberta

You may be thinking — why buy weed online in Alberta when I can simply just walk to the closest store? Well that is not the ideal situation for everyone. Perhaps you don’t like the idea of visiting a store, or maybe you just love the concept of online shopping or mail order marijuana. Our online weed buying process will solve all your problems.

We have done everything we can to make buying weed online easy and fast! Whether you are using a laptop or phone the order process is simple, straightforward and direct. After a few clicks you will be able enjoy our cannabis products. As stated before, we have a lot to offer and buying weed online with us will provide you with a catalogue you cannot get anywhere else!

Fresh Edibles, Great Indica, Sativa & Hybdrid Strain Variety, CBD Products, Magic Mushrooms & more.

Whether you are spending the day exploring the incredible scenery Alberta has to offer, or soaking in some of the culture — our products will enhance any event! Check out our product categories below or head directly to the cannabis shop.

We also have budgets buds for those looking for some cheap weed deals! Check out the latest cannabis and edibles on sale. 

Buying Weed Online Is Convenient, and we provide Shipment tracking.

Our catalogue of dried flowers has a lot to offer. Our most popular Indica dominant flower is the Criminal strain. This beautiful bud yields a 27.5% THC and will leave you feeling totally relaxed. The high starts with a cerebral lift, washing away any negative thoughts and leaves you with a body buzz of pure peace. Criminal strain is a great partner to any Alberta activity! If you are looking for something more uplifting check out Wedding Crasher strain – this flower will be the best hiking partner out there. Whether you are visiting Banff National Park or Dinosaur Provincial Park, our flowers will certainly amplify your experience! Don’t forget at Quadzilla.. we of course carry all of your favourite AAAA Quad Weed

Perhaps after a long day of hiking and enjoying the beautiful scenery of Alberta you are just looking to relax. Our CBD & RSO products will provide you with pain relief, and overall better well-being. From our tinctures, vape pens and CBD edibles we have everything you need to feel better. Euphoria Extractions CBD Chocolate Chip cookie weed edibles will offer you with a good mid-day boost!

Looking to intensify your Alberta experience? Our mushroom and magic mushroom or shrooms products are just what you need! If you are looking to chase the white rabbit Alice mushroom edibles will provide you with just that. Offered both in gummy and chocolate form the Alice mushroom edibles will give you a psychedelic high that will have you seeing Alberta’s beauty on a whole new level. Or perhaps you need that extra kick – Schedule 35’s microdose pills will offer you that ‘Limitless’ experience that will have you finishing all of those pesky tasks. Read more about microdosing and its benefits including focus with microdose and other creative benefits of Psilocybin in our blog!

Our Order Process is Safe and Secure when you Buy Your Weed Online.

As the top cannabis consumer, Alberta is a top priority. At Quadzilla we have created a process and catalogue that caters to the Alberta cannabis consumer better than most! We have all the products, the easy ordering process and quick turn around for shipping. Buying weed online in Canada is the way forward. Our Mail Order Marijuana Canadian Dispensary has what you need. 

Alberta Weed Dispensary

Cannabis laws In Alberta

As a cannabis consumer it is important to understand the laws as they stand in Alberta. This way you can consume with peace of mind. It is important to note that the laws in Alberta are simple and straightforward — just like our buying weed online in Alberta order process.

Alberta allows anyone over the age of 18 to consume cannabis. The possession limit is 30 grams of dried flowers and different limits apply to different products. Not only can you possess weed, but you are also allowed to grow your own. Every household can grow up to four plants. 

Alberta Dispensaries
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