Does Weed Help You Sleep

How Cannabis Helps You Sleep

Difficulty sleeping? Here is how weed can help you get a good nights rest. A good sleep can determine whether or not you will have a good or bad day. Weed & CBD can help!

How Weed Helps You Sleep

A good sleep can determine whether or not you will have a good or bad day. No matter what you do – your sleep cycle is extremely important for your overall well-being. Unfortunately for some, a good night’s sleep is hard to come by – but we are here to help! Science has proven that with the help of certain cannabis strains you can improve your chances for a better night’s sleep. 

The recommended amount of sleep the average adult needs is at least seven hours. By achieving 7 hours of sleep you have given your body the opportunity to rest, relax and rejuvenate — so when was the last time you had 7 hours of sleep? It is estimated that between 30-40% of adults suffer from some kind of sleeping disorder – diagnosed or not. It is believed that 10-15% of adults suffer from chronic insomnia – so the statistics say a good night’s sleep is hard to get. 

So how do we fight against these statistics? Well, our cannabis products at Quadzilla can help you out!

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is basically the best thing you can do for your body and mind — while you sleep your body relaxes, releases stress, improves your memory, can lower blood pressure and so much more. This is why it is crucial that you get a good night’s sleep as often as possible – and there is no problem seeking out a natural sleeping aid like weed to support this important part of your life. So what happens when you don’t get your seven hours of sleep? 

Little Sleep Can Lead to Weight Increase

Through several studies, there have been connections made between individuals with high BMIs weight and a lack of sleep. Those with lower BMI tend to rest easier and therefore experience the benefits of a good sleep. 

Studies have also attributed the lack of sleep can lead to obesity – not only in adults but children as well. This connection has also led to further contributing factors such as stress levels, general motivation to exercise and hormonal imbalances. 

Those Who Sleep Are On the Ball

As we stated before the benefits of a good sleep are various and important for your overall well-being. But we must point out the immediate benefit of just feeling shaper and more on the ball! A good night’s sleep allows you to release any stress you may be feeling, allows your brain to process and analyse the day, which in turn allows you to focus on a new day. The important but basic functions we often ignore like comprehension, memory, and concentration are all impacted by a deep sleep. So get your seven hours in — you will see an immediate pay off! 

How Can Cannabis Help You Sleep?

So, now that you know the benefits of a good night’s sleep you may be thinking – this is great, but how do I get seven hours? Well, we are here to help you out. With the legalization of cannabis, those who suffer from minor or chronic sleep issues now have the availability of a natural sleep aid. How does it help?

Cannabis Relieves Anxiety

Stress and anxiety often determine whether or not you will have a good night’s sleep — if you are going through a difficult time you may find it hard to fall asleep at night if you are experiencing continued stress you may find yourself waking up in the middle of the night. Each time you lose out on that good sleep you can run the risk of starting a vicious sleeping pattern. 

Cannabis is known to provide almost instant relief for anxiety and stress — a quick puff, a bite of an edible, smoking your vape – whatever it maybe you will find some relief. So paired with the well-known sleepy effects and reduced stress levels cannabis will certainly help you get a better night’s sleep. 

One option to help you break that awful sleep pattern is to try out one of our Indica heavy edibles. Euphoria Extractions shatter bars or brownies are a good choice. A small piece of either one will leave you feeling relaxed and sleepy — the ideal state for a good night’s sleep!

Weed Makes You Sleepy 

Weed’s ability to relax an individual doesn’t stop with reducing stress or anxiety – instead the cannabinoids hold a great deal of therapeutic effects which will also be beneficial for a good sleep. So whatever might have you feeling restless throughout the night or keeping you from falling into that deep sleep, cannabis will help you enter into that state of dreamland! 

Cannabis creates a relaxing sensation, releasing all of the tension that has built up over the day. Whether you feel it mentally or physically ingesting some form of cannabinoids will certainly improve your sleep. Perhaps you are looking for help but without the psychoactive effect – any of our CBD & RSO products will help you out. Check out the 600mg CBD Tincture by Balance to help release your stress and get a good sleep. 

New At Quadzilla Cannabis

Cannabis Can Help Create a Deeper Sleep

Perhaps you don’t have an issue with falling asleep — maybe that is the easy part of your sleeping cycle, but instead, you have a hard time staying asleep. If this sounds like you, what you may be dealing with is an inability to get a deep sleep. So, sure cannabis will help you fall asleep, but studies have also shown that it helps decrease REM sleep and increase deep sleep or slow-wave sleep. 

Your deep sleep or slow-wave sleep is crucial to your memory abilities, therefore it is of absolute necessity that you get the sleep you need. At Quadzilla we have worked hard to create a catalogue of flowers with various benefits – and many focused on helping an individual get a good sleep. 

Starting with the Mike Tyson strain – a relative of the famous OG Kush, this 100% pure Indica flower will be your best sleeping buddy. This strain is known for treating patients suffering from chronic stress, insomnia, chronic pain and appetite loss. So a puff or two of Mike Tyson will certainly send you off to dreamland and later on that deep sleep, you need to help you concentrate. 

Maybe you want to try something out that doesn’t have a hard hit like Mike Tyson — well Pink Chunk strain could be the better option. Yielding a 27% THC, with a heavily Indica dominant focus this strain will leave you feeling stress-free and fight against any level of insomnia. 

Final Thoughts

You need sleep. No one looks at pulling an all-nighter like it is a cool thing anymore — not when we know so much about the importance and benefits of getting a good night’s sleep. So what are you waiting for? If you are feeling any level of stress or anxiety – smoke some bud and get some sleep. Maybe you have been looking for that natural sleep aid that your doctor just can’t provide – using some CBD will certainly help you out. Or maybe you are desperate for that deep deep sleep — Indica dominant strains will become your best sleepover buddy. 

So check out Quadzilla to see what products we have to help you get the sleep you deserve! 



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