The Effects Of Golden Teacher Mushrooms

Golden Teacher Mushrooms – What You Need To Know!

For the mushroom connoisseur Golden Teacher mushrooms are not a new feature on the menu - so we felt it was important for the new and old mushrooms consumers to learn the ABCs of Golden Teacher mushrooms

What are Golden Teacher Mushrooms? 

These mushrooms are known for their thought provoking, yet calming nature. These mushrooms are a break from that sometimes overwhelming psychedelic high.

So let’s do this – here are the ABCs on the Golden Teacher Mushrooms

All about the Golden Teacher Mushrooms

The Golden Teacher mushroom strain is in the Cubensis family – this is due to their psychedelic nature and ease of growth. The cubensis species is an important strain for many beginner and seasoned mushrooms growers around the world. 

Not surprisingly – the Golden Teacher mushrooms’ venture to Canada is not exactly clear. But it is assumed that it made its way to Canada at some point during the 80s when there was a large demand for Thai cubensis. 

Arriving in the 80s, Golden Teacher mushrooms are still holding strong. They are well known for their appearance of long, winding stems and golden caps – once identified they are hard to miss. 

As well known as they are for appearance – they are more well known for their effects. 

Golden Teacher Mushrooms
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The Effects of Golden Teacher MushroomsBODY, MIND AND SPIRIT

A trip with Golden Teacher mushrooms is like no field trip taken in school – it is a field trip to a place where you get to learn, grow and heal. As a student under the Golden Teacher mushroom lesson you can take a break from the overwhelming visuals and psychedelic trip of the standard mushroom and instead learn something new. 

As with any mushroom – it takes the right dose to get the right trip and Golden Teacher is no different. With moderate doses of 1-3 grams these mushrooms won’t catapult you down the rabbit hole – instead it will be a nice steady trip to focus on what surrounds you. 

After about 45 minutes to one hour you will begin to feel the effects of Golden Teachers – it will start with a somewhat Indica feeling. You may feel a warming sensation throughout your body that will provide a sense of relaxation followed by a sense of euphoria. 

As the Golden Teacher’s lesson begins to set in and you start to learn more about yourself you will start to feel a sense of wholeness. You will notice that your sense of touch has heightened, feel the different pressures of your body and understand your own physical space in this world. Eventually the music Golden Teacher will set in and it has been noted that you could see visuals related to notes and waves. 

Your mind will begin to ride these waves – giving you a further heightened awareness of your own thoughts and being. Taking apart each positive or negative thought running through your head – at this point you will want to focus on relaxing the body, mind and soul to focus on the mind. 

This adventure of your own mind will have you exploring your spirit. You may be left asking yourself some deep questions. Each question will lead to an answer, an answer that is a life lesson from the Golden Teacher. 

Brain networks in people given psilocybin (right) or a non-psychedelic compound (left).

Using Golden Teacher Mushrooms – Consuming Guidelines

Since Golden Teacher mushrooms are focused on raising your mental awareness it is important that you get the right dosage and timing to get the true experience. 

These mushrooms are best consumed in the afternoon and in an outdoor setting. Although outdoors is not a must – there is something natural about the relationship between the Golden Teacher and nature. 

We highly recommend planning a getaway from the busyness of the city life and getting out to nature with some friends. As a group you can work together to achieve the perfect trip and be there to support each other if it takes the wrong path. 

Dosing with Golden Teacher

Golden Teachers are a great choice for microdosing – because even if you take a moderate amount you are still left with most of your senses. Follow this quick chart to help you make the right choice based on your mushroom needs: 

Microdose0.1 to 0.3 grams
Mild Psychedelic Effects0.5 to 1 gram
Trip Territory1 to 2.5 grams 
Heavy trip and visuals 3+ grams

If you are worried about your ability to get the right dosage – you can always try out Schedule 35’s microdose pills or check out our Alice shroom edibles (in both chocolate and gummy form).

Golden Teacher Is One Of Your Best Options – Remember to consume safely.

It is very clear that the popularity of magic mushrooms is continuing to grow – and Golden Teacher is one of your best options. When dosing – small, moderate or full on visuals it is important that you are safe and responsible. And this is no different with Golden Teacher – although it offers a path back to you it still needs to be treated like any other hallucinogen. 

If you do it right – you will be left with life lessons that will leave you feeling able to take on the world with less irritation and alarm.

If this life lesson seems like the one for you – we are happy to provide you with access to Golden Teacher mushrooms through our online delivery service. This is a lecture you won’t want to miss! 



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