How to Roll A Joint

How to Roll A Joint

Once upon a time it was just the easiest way to smoke your weed - but today, rolling a joint is an art form.

Rolling a Joint in 5 Easy Steps

With the different techniques, technologies and just overall knowledge about cannabis the joint has taken on a culture of its own. Today we will take you through the simple steps to roll that perfect joint and maybe even leave you with a few extra suggestions!

Step 1: Get Everything You Need To Roll A joint Ready

How To Roll A Joint

In order to enjoy your cannabis dried flowers there is some required prep – now we are not talking a great deal of labour but following these steps will help you both roll and smoke your perfect joint. 

First step in the prep – getting the right supplies! You will need the following items: rolling papers, weed grinder, your desired dried flower, and a filter. Let’s breakdown the specifics.

Rolling Papers

Rolling papers – quality rolling papers are an absolute must when rolling a joint – nothing is worse than trying to roll a joint that just won’t come together because the rolling paper is garbage – we highly recommend using our all natural Canadian Lumber Hippy rolling papers. These papers will provide you with the perfect burn without any added chemicals. 


Grinders – the right grinder will leave you with the right kind of bud. There are basically two kinds of grinders – the cheap plastic ones which work, but not that great, and there are the heavy, metal, more expensive ones. Listen to us when we say – spend the extra dollars – it will save you in the end! We highly recommend the Kannastor Clear top & bottom – the clear case allows you to ensure that you grind your weed to the perfect texture. 


And don’t worry – we can also help you get the right bud for whatever your smoking needs may be. Check out our beautifully curated catalogue that offers a wide variety of Indica, Sativa and Hybrid options. Each one will provide you with a breakdown of what you can expect which will help you make the right choice and enjoy your joint even more! 


Lastly – don’t forget about that filter. Although you may think this isn’t a must – trust us, it is! It makes all the difference when enjoying your bud. And lucky for you – it doesn’t cost you an extra penny. Folding the cardboard from your rolling paper package will leave you with a perfect filter!

Step 2: Grind the Bud

Grinding Your Weed or Bud - How To Roll The Perfect Joint

Using your favourite grinder or perhaps the Kannastor you will want to pick the perfect buds, leaving behind any stems. Place the buds in your grinder and aim for a shake like consistency (see image above).

Not only does the grinder leave you with a good consistent bud, it also leaves your hands relatively clean!

Step 3: Make a filter

How to Make A Filter For The Perfect Joint

Using the packaging from your rolling papers, or a business card – any kind of thin cardboard you will want to create a filter. Cut or rip off a small rectangular piece and roll this into a cylinder. 

Place your filter at the top of your joint – it is not necessary to leave out a tip. The purpose of the filter is to create a division between your bud and your mouth – no one likes a mouth full of dried weed. 

Step 4: Roll the Joint

How To Roll A Nice Joint

Now that you have your bud and filter in place – you will want to roll it back and forth in your fingertips. This will help even out the distribution of bud and create a more joint-like shape.  

Fold the unglued side of your paper and roll it, using the glued edge to seal both ends of the paper. Starting with the filter is your best option – this will help give the right shape to your joint from the very beginning. And last but not least, lick the glued side and work your way down the creation to seal the joint completely.

Step 5: Pack and Enjoy! 

Pack The Weed In Your Joint and Smoke!

Now that  you have your shaped and sealed joint you will want to pack down the bud in the cone and possibly add a little more. It is not uncommon to drop a little weed as you try to put together your joint and no one wants to see that go to waste. For this step you might want to use the end of a pen or something hard to pack down the bud. 

The very very last step in the process is to roll the tip of the joint sealing all the beautiful bud inside. Simply roll this so that it twists and seals the end of your joint – most likely leaving you with a little tip at the end. Once lit – this extra tip will easily fall off and you can enjoy a nice even burn. 

With the many methods of smoking out there – it is always nice to return to the tried, tested and true form of smoking a joint. Hope you enjoyed our little step by step guide to a state of peace with a joint in hand! 



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