How to Grind Weed Guide

How To Use A Grinder

A grinder is a handheld tool, sometimes made of metal and sometimes plastic, that you use to grind up (breakdown) your dried cannabis flowers. By breaking it down into fine pieces you can easily enjoy your weed in whatever smoking method tool you choose.

Whether you are the casual smoker or the consistent cannabis consumer – it is important that you equip yourself with all of the right tools to enjoy your dried cannabis flowers. So what tools are an absolute must? First you need to choose your method of consumption – pipe? Joint? Bong? Vape? Lots of options. Once you have made the decision your toolbox is pretty set and the one thing that you will need for ALL methods is a strong grinder. 

Why YOu should grind your weed

Grinding weed is essential for enjoying it when smoking. If you choose not to use a grinder and use your hands or scissors it is a guarantee that you will not get the fine texture that you need for smoking. Grinding your weed will leave you with smooth smoking joints that burn evenly. And if you are using it in a vape, pipe or bong grinding can help prevent clogging from happening. 

A good grinder is your best friend. It gives you the best toke and saves you from having to constantly clean your smoking tool.

So how do you use a grinder?

Thankfully it is very easy and works for just about everyone. But let us give you some helpful tips!

Step 1: Preparation 

To make the process quick and easy you will want to lay out all of your tools needed to enjoy your dry flowers. On your table you will want to have your grinder, the amount of weed you want to smoke and your smoking apparatus of choice. 

If you don’t already have a grinder – you need to get one. You have a few options when it comes to grinders – you can use the simple 2 chamber grinder or a 4 chamber grinder. Some grinders are made from plastic and some from metal – both work well but the metal grinders tend to last a bit longer. We recommend using the 4 chamber grinder so that you are able to collect the wonderful kief from your dried flowers. 

What you need to grind weed. A good grinder!

Step 2: Break It Down 

Now that you have all the tools and the bud – it is time to start the real work. Before you use the grinder to create fine pieces of your weed you will want to break down the bud. This process is simple and straightforward but there are a couple things you want to take into consideration. 

The first thing is – don’t over pack your grinder. Too much weed will make it challenging to grind and just create a mess. Instead choose enough for your smoking needs. Second tip, you want to place the bud between the ‘teeth’ of the grinder. By doing this you are making it easier to grind and guaranteeing a fine grind. 

Breaking down the weed before grinding it.

Step 3: Twist and Grind! 

Now that you have all your weed in your grinder – it is time for the final step. You will place the lid on top – securely the top and you are ready to go. Start twisting the lid of your grinder clockwise and the bottom counter-clockwise. By doing this you are making sure that the teeth are breaking down the buds. 

It may take a few twists to get the fine grind you want – it really all depends on the bud you are using and the quality of the grinder. The stickier the weed, the harder it is to break down into small pieces. Your sticky icky weed may require a little more attention to the grinding process than the usual dried out bud. 

Now that your grinder is easy to twist, your bud is ready! Carefully take off the top of your grinder, some weed may get stuck here so be cautious. If you don’t think your weed is ready – reapply the lid and twist. If it looks finely ground you are ready for the next step!

Twist and grind your weed in your grinder.

Step 4: Empty Your Grinder and Enjoy!

Now that you are finished grinding – all you need to do is simply empty your grinder and use the contents! Now depending on the type of grinder that you are using, there are two ways that you can empty out of the goods. 

First option is for the four chamber grinder – for this you will take off the lid and empty the contents onto a smooth surface. If you are planning on rolling a joint you might want to pour it out in a row for ease of rolling. After you have the dried flower you might want to check the chamber at the bottom for some kief. Adding this to a joint or bowl will give you that next level high! 

The second option is even easier – for the two chamber grinders all you need to do is simply take off the lid and empty the contents. Again – do this on a smooth surface so that you don’t lose out on any of your buds. 

Empty grinder and enjoy!

Final Thoughts

If you are new to the weed smoking world – you may not have realized that there is a need for a toolbox when it comes to quality smoking. By making sure you have the quality tools, you will enjoy smoking and the high that much more. 

The Kannastor clear top and solid body 2 chamber grinder from Quadzilla is a great place to get you started. This grinder will give you that fine ground weed you need! 



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