How To Use Boveda Humidity Control Pack With Cannabis

How To Use Humidity Control Packs With Cannabis

Did you know you can use humidity control packs like these ones from Boveda to prevent overdrying and save the terpenes on your bud. By creating a terpene shield around the cured and dried bud, the humidity control pack ensures it stays fresh and retains the same potency as the day it was packaged.

How exactly do you use Boveda humidity packs for storing Cannabis?

Boveda offers different sizes perfect for everyone from the occasional buyer to a large-scale cultivator. 

  • 1 gram humidity pack = up to 1/8th ounce/3.5 grams
  • 4 gram humidity pack = up to 1 / 4 ounce/14 grams
  • 8 gram humidity pack = up to 1 ounce/28 grams
  • 67 gram humidity pack = 1 pound/450 grams
  • 320 gram humidity pack = 5 pounds/2.25 kilograms

If you end up putting in a bigger pack than you need, it will simply allow it to work for longer periods of time, so don’t be afraid to add more if needed. 

Boveda Humidity Control For Cannabis

Which RH (Relative Humidity) level should I use?

Boveda packs are available with two relative humidity (RH) levels: 58% and 62%. These create the ideal conditions for preserving cannabis and helping it retain its potency, taste and aroma.

You can choose either one that is available to you as the main difference will be in the overall moisture content of the cannabis flower and Boveda humidity control packs in either 58% or 62% will do the job. Do not combine different RH level packs in one container – it may reduce the efficiency of the product.

How do I store my Cannabis with Boveda Humidity Control Packs?

Remove the Boveda from the plastic wrapper. Do not puncture or cut the brown humidity pack itself. Use an airtight container and set the packet on top of or next to the loose bud and then close your air tight container. It can take up to three weeks for the monolayer terp shield to form, but most people notice results in 24 hours.

How do I know the humidity control pack is working?

Humidity packs start working as soon as they’re exposed to air. Bud with the ideal moisture content should be springy and sticky. When ground, a rich terpy aroma will hit your nose as fresh as the day it was shipped.

New At Quadzilla Cannabis

When should I replace the pack?

Humidity packs typically last anywhere from 2-6 months once in place, depending on which type of container you’re using and the outside environment as well as how often you open your air-tight container. A Boveda pack will solidify over time and become stiffer as it begins to expire. Typically, the corners will begin to harden first with usage and once the pack is nearly complete hard, it is time to replace it. 

Preserve you cannabis with Boveda Humidity Control packs. 

Preserving your bud is not difficult with the right tools. Store your weed in an airtight container and use a Boveda (or other) Humidity pack to protect cannabis terpenes, maintain potency levels, prevent over-drying, and avoid mold. Once you start this as a regular routine you will notice the difference. Quadzilla now begins to pack select strains with humidity packs – Look for the “Humidity Pack” label when finding the right bud for you and getting your next weed delivery in Toronto, the GTA or across Canada.



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