Is Cannabis Good For Depression

Is Cannabis Good For Depression

When it comes down to the research - a lot of it has been individually based as the use of cannabis for depression is not yet a prescribed treatment. But that does not mean that the research is so limited that it is not worth exploring.

When cannabis was legalized in 2018 and really, long before that then – there has been a lot of discussion about the medical benefits of smoking cannabis. As the research continues to show the world – the benefits of cannabis are numerous! 

Can cannabis help with depression?

There are many people who have documented, explained and shown that using cannabis has been beneficial when coping with depression symptoms. One individual stated that using cannabis, after quitting drinking, helped with the physical pain associated with depression. This allowed this person to move forward with their life. 

At the end of the day – many individuals will stand by smoking or consuming cannabis to help cope with depression symptoms, but the actual science behind the situation is a bit more confusing. It is important to remember that most research conducted related to mental health and cannabis is observational – therefore not a complete story of the scientific benefits and therapeutic benefits.

However – as we stated before – science has explored the impact of cannabinoids on animals and has shown positive results. According to the study cannabinoids, THC and CBD demonstrated strong, fast-acting antidepressant qualities. 

How Cannabis Helps With Depression

What cannabis is the best for depression?

As the research surrounding the relationship between cannabis and depression is observational it is important to also note the participant’s choice of strain. The strain can have a significant impact on the outcome. 

Some participants of studies credited Sativa with being the better strain as the uplifting quality helped them get up and moving for the day. At this point you may be wondering, well what is the difference between Sativa and Indica strains?

Scientists debate about the answer to the question – but to keep things simple, Sativa is known for its uplifting, head, euphoric high. And Indica is more of the body buzz, full relaxation, sleepy high. Understanding these differences is important when choosing the right strain. The differences in these strains derives from a different terpene makeup that creates a different response. 

At the end of the day – choosing a strain is best done by the individual. Whatever depression symptoms you are trying to cope with there will be a strain for you! Check out a quick list of strains we put together about what we found to be the best cannabis strains depression.

Other Medical Benefits oF Cannabis

The fact is, while cannabis can help many people cope with depression at the same time it provides so many other benefits. Some of the participants in the study have explained how cannabis helped with more than just their depression symptoms. One participant specifically mentioned how much cannabis helped with their arthritis. The chemical qualities of cannabis help relieve pain. 

Other participants discussed how after many years of exploring different medications adding cannabis to their regular medical treatment helped with a variety of issues. Some of those issues include: anxiety, depression, nausea caused by prescribed meds, and sleep problems. 

At the end of the day, many of the participants explained that the addition of cannabis to their medical treatment for depression was overall beneficial. It allowed them to cope with many issues that previous meds did not. 

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Final Thoughts

When discussing the treatment for depression there is no straightforward response. For every person there is an individual response and even still that is ongoing. 

The science about depression and cannabis is still continuing to grow as it continues to be mainly observational so it is important to remember this when exploring this as an option. At the end of the day what the results have said are positive, but just remember – it might not be for everyone. 

Ideally cannabis seems to be a great companion or addition for other depression treatments – and this is just the beginning of exploring this particular relationship. 

If you are looking for what strain is the best for treating your depression, please read our article on “The Best Cannabis Strains for Depression”. Good luck on your journey.



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