Cannabis in Live Organic Soil Toronto

Living Organic Soil For Cannabis

By using live soil you are providing your cannabis plants with the nutrients they need to produce buds full of terpenes that will leave the cannabis consumer wanting more.

Why Live Soil is the Best Soil for your Cannabis Plants

Welcome to the wonderful world of weed growing – today’s lesson will focus on LIVE SOIL! If you are new to growing cannabis or perhaps you are looking for new ways to improve your crops this information regarding growing weed with live soil will definitely be helpful. Let’s start off by being blunt – live soil is the best soil for growing cannabis.

So yes – we have a very clear opinion and we think by the end of this article you will easily be convinced to agree with us. There are so many choices for soil when it comes to growing and even more options when looking into hydroponics, but at the end of the day we are firm believers that live soil is your best option. Want to try an organic weed strain made with live soil? Try Tembo Hybrid Strain!

Why is live soil the best soil for growing weed?

To be honest – and this is a message for the first time growers – growing weed is a trial and error process. It is highly likely that your first set of crops will not be the most ideal – so we are here to give you the key points that will help you get a decent crop. When you start down the path of growing your own cannabis you may feel overwhelmed with all of the new terminology and science. The reality is – you don’t need to know everything. 

Cannabis Growing in Organic Living Soil

What are the benefits of using live soil to grow cannabis? 

Easy on the wallet!

The first thing to note when using live soil is that no matter the size of your crops using live soil will save your wallet. At the end of the day – not only does the upfront cost of live soil save you, the quality of crop you receive in the end will also provide you with savings. 

The cannabis business is growing every day – there is a new dispensary popping up on every corner! So not only is it important to make sure that you are selling the best bud, you also want to make sure that you are doing it at a decent price. No one wants to go broke for their bud. F

Live soil will save you in so many ways. By using live soil you will not need to turn over the soil – instead you will reuse the live soil making it easier and cheaper. And don’t forget that as your soil ages it will require less water and therefore another savings! In the end there are many different financial benefits for using live soil.

Less Chemicals 

There is a strong trend right now that establishes the need to move away from the consumption of chemicals – and really this is not a big surprise. Whether it be the food you ingest, the makeup you apply to your skin or the sunscreen you use to protect yourself from UV rays – everyone wants it chemical free. This request has expanded to the cannabis world and live soil is here to help! 

The reality is – that growing things as naturally and organically as possible is just the ideal way. For a long time, as a society, we moved away from the natural ways and this just doesn’t work in the long term. Using live soil is a return to the original growing methods that provides a product customers are happy and comfortable ingesting into their bodies. It also looks great on your company to take the necessary steps to help your customers be healthy! 

Quality Cannabis with Live Soil

Live soil makes quality cannabis. Growing cannabis in a no-till living soil consistently produces a better product. What a surprise that going back to the way things were actually is better for all! By using live soil you are providing your cannabis plants with the nutrients they need to produce buds full of terpenes that will leave the cannabis consumer wanting more. 

So sure those fancy hydroponic products look like they will give you the best bud out there – but it’s just not true. Use what has always worked – live soil.

New At Quadzilla Cannabis

Organic Cannabis with Live soil

It has been great to watch the cannabis community growing in so many different ways. With legalization in 2018 the doors opened for cannabis to be explored, evolved and experimented with and this has, at times, produced fantastic results. But the reality is – sometimes the original way of doing things, something as natural as growing cannabis plants, is the best way. Live soil was how cannabis was originally grown and it is how it should be grown now. Try our Tembo Organic Hybrid Strain and compare with other strains to see the difference.

We have the means to make this happen and happen with excellent results – so why not do what works? It makes us think about the old saying, don’t reinvent the wheel. Live soil is the wheel that will keep on giving to your cannabis crops! Enjoy the savings and smoking!



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