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Most Popular Magic Mushroom Microdose Products

Microdosing mushrooms means taking a miniscule (micro) amount of magic mushrooms once every two to three days. Here are our 3 favourite microdose mushroom products in Canada with varying levels of potency.

Humans have used magic mushrooms to change their perception of reality for thousands of years. While it’s possible to ingest a high dose of shrooms and trip out of your mind, some are using very small doses of these mushrooms to treat mental health problems and improve their quality of life on an everyday basis.

Microdosing shrooms can have a wide variety of benefits. One study shows that microdosing improves mood and focus, while another found that magic mushrooms increase creativity. Perhaps most excitingly, researchers found that those who microdosed saw improvements with their PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

Intrigued by the possibilities of this promising fungus? We’ve got three products that you can buy online right now that will help you feel the effects in no time.

How to Microdose Mushrooms

When you microdose shrooms, you take about 5-10% of a standard dose that would get someone high. You take this dose regularly, about every three days. Some people may up their frequency to once every other day, while some may prefer to only take a dose once a week. Make sure you keep up with your dosing schedule so you don’t miss out on the benefits of microdosing!

When you take a small dose of the best Cubensis strains, you won’t experience any psychadelic effects. In fact, you’ll probably feel nothing at all at first. The effects of these shrooms increase over time as you take them regularly. When you take your first dose, make sure that you have no other commitments that day so you can ensure that you aren’t taking too much.

Set the goals that you’d like to accomplish from your journey with mushrooms. It might be to improve your mental health, but you might also want to meditate, broaden your horizons, or try something new. To make sure that you know how you’re feeling and whether you’re accomplishing your goals, document your experience in a journal.

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Best Microdose Mushrooms Edibles

Schedule 35 – Microdose Shroom 200mg x 5e 35

There’s no easier way to microdose mushrooms than with Schedule 35 products. All you have to do is take a capsule to begin feeling the effects of microdosing. The pills are contained in packets of five, so you can try microdosing for anxiety and depression before you commit to a large container. It also makes them super convenient to take on the go!

Schedule 35 products contain only Golden Teacher mushrooms, which is one of the most popular shroom strains. They have an average potency, so they’re great for a beginner who wants to try something new.

When taking these capsules made from the best shroom strains, users report an increase in focus, clarity, creativity, and empathy. You might also notice a decrease in mental health symptoms.

If you’re new to microdosing in Canada, Schedule 35 can ship their products discreetly to your door, or you can buy them at certain dispensaries across the country.

Buuda Bomb Zoomies

Let’s say you’ve already tried microdosing mushrooms for anxiety and depression, and they work wonders for you. Once you’re looking for a higher dose, try Buuda Bomb Zoomies.

Buuda Bomb Zoomies are watermelon-flavored psilocybe edibles. They’re made with organic and high-quality ingredients so you know you’re getting the best product possible. The entire package contains 2500mg of Psilocybin Cubensis mushrooms, so each gummy has 250mg of shrooms. This is a higher dose than most beginners should start with to microdose mushrooms for migraines or other chronic conditions, but seasoned users may work up to this dose.

Alternatively, if you enjoy microdosing, you can try a higher dose to see what a full trip feels like. Some people experience positive effects from higher doses, so Buuda Bomb Zoomies could be the perfect brand to try.

Visionary Bulbs

Want an even higher dose of the best magic mushroom strain? Turn to Visionary Bulbs!

This brand sells microdose tinctures in the form of capsules. Visionary Bulbs contain five capsules containing 360mg of psilocybe each. They’re intended to be used for microdosing, but the dose will probably induce a trip for someone who’s never had shrooms before.

Seasoned users might still experience a light trip. Make sure you don’t have to work or drive for at least six hours after you take your dose. Once you do that, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Microdose Shrooms Canada

Microdosing shrooms can change your life for the better. You might notice improved focus, creativity, and mood, while other effects surprise you. If you’re looking to microdose in Canada, these products are an easy way to start!

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