Quadzilla Cannabis Vs. Kush Station

Now that marijuana has been legalized in Canada, more and more Canadians have started buying weed online. As the cannabis industry grows, more online Canadian Dispensaries are opening, including more mail order marijuana shops. Quadzilla Premium Cannabis & Kush Station are two great examples of quality Canadian Dispensaries.

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Quadzilla Cannabis Vs. Kush Station: Cannabis Product Range

Comparing the Dispensaries Cannabis Products when Buying Weed Online

One of the biggest draws to any online weed shop is the cannabis catalogue they have available. As the cannabis community continues to grow it is important that an online weed dispensary offers a variety of products – from flowers to accessories and other life enhancing products. So let’s take a look at Quadzilla vs. Kush Station – who has what? Essentially both sites offer a wide variety of flowers, edibles, concentrates, as well as other cannabis related products. Looking at Kush Station first – they offer about 200 different strains of flowers. You can sort the catalogue by popularity, average rating, freshness and price. Variety is great – but only when you can actually order it. You will notice quite quickly that many of the flowers are out of stock and many are not your well known strains. Quadzilla on the other hand holds a very conservative number of 30 strains – but what is most important is what you see is what you get. All strains are available and of high quality. Moving on to other cannabis products you will notice a trend in Kush Station’s catalogue – so much to look at, so little to buy! While Kush Station has focused their catalogue primarily on cannabis related products – Quadzilla has opted to branch out. Quadzilla offers a variety of mushroom products that will take you on a trip to a land far beyond your imagination.

Quadzilla Cannabis Vs. Kush Station: Quality & Weed Grade

Comparing the Dispensaries Cannabis Products when Buying Weed Online

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Quadzilla vs Kush Station Weed Variety

Quadzilla Cannabis Reviews

Recent verified reviews from weedmaps about Quadzilla Cannabis. Want to leave a review? Tag us on Instagram and reddit!

These guys are professionals. The quality and description of product are accurate. It’s hard to find a place on weedmaps with high-quality product like this.
First time customer. ordered last night, was a little bit passed the delivery window but they were more than happy to still help! They got me quickly signed up over text and were very helpful with ordering. There was a fair amount of confusion at the start with which products they had in stock, but they communicated very efficiently and politely so I payed it no mind. The driver messaged me updates on arrival, which was helpful. they arrived in under an hour and a half! Im a conditioned smoker, been smoking daily for 10 years. I ordered 2 Quad strains and 2 edibles. Wedding Cake- exactly as advertised! Beautifully trimmed, fat nugs, great packaging! The smell was pungently sweet. Hit was great, like smoking a dab in flavour and power! Big Buddha Cheese- great smell, great smoke, not very cheesy but still powerful. Alice edible- I was nervous about at first but it tasted great and was a great mild trip. cherry cola yummies- tasty, and a good buzz. I Highly Recommend Quadzilla!
True Quality.
I bite the bullet the other day as my usual was being flip floppy and ordered from these guys.. I called the number on their site in hopes of getting an immediate response and i did, the lady on the phone was super professional and helpful with the entire ordering process! I promptly made an account and requested the delivery for after 3 and was given a 3-5 delivery window, by 3:30 I got a text from the driver alerting me that they are 10 minutes away, which was nice as some companies just show up at any given time without warning. After less than 10 minutes I get another text telling me that they’re outside and what car they are in, I was given my order after the driver confirmed what I purchased, left no room for error!! I got the 1/4 of 9Lb Hammer as I got a discount for my first order and I wanted to test the waters with something more $$. These guys are deff my new to-go whenever I feel like ballin out on some legit quads no cappp
it’s hammer time for real

Quadzilla Cannabis Vs. Kush Station: Pricing

Comparing the Online Dispensaries Cannabis Products Pricing when Buying Weed Online

So variety of products is important – but let’s be serious, everyone is paying attention to the prices these days. Price can be the driving factor for many customers so we will break it down for you. If we start by looking at the prices of ounces Kush Station ranges from $130 to $240, while Quadzilla offers ounces from $90 to $270. You may be wondering why Quadzilla has such a large range – well this has to do with the great promotions and varieties they offer. With a range like this there is an ounce for every buyer!

Quadzilla Cannabis Vs. Kush Station: Promotions

Comparing the Online Dispensary In Canada Cannabis Promotions when Buying Weed Online

Sticking with the price point factor – every buyer enjoys a good sale or promotion and both of these sites offer a few different options. Whether you are a regular customer or new to Quadzilla there are a lot of great promotions to take advantage of! To start with they currently have a wicked prize draw – buy tickets at a price of $3 per ticket with a chance to win nearly $400 worth of cannabis related products. Not only that they offer monthly discount codes and a sign up bonus of 20% off! Both things that Kush Station does not have. Instead, Kush Station offers your standard refer a friend program, Kush points and your basic mix and match ounce bags. Nothing new, and nothing special.
KushStation vs Quadzilla Cannabis - Buy Weed Online

Quadzilla Cannabis

Comparing Online Dispensaries in Canada

Overall – for new buyers or seasoned smokers focusing on the products is your best place to start when choosing the best online weed dispensary. It is clear to us based on the variety and quality of products – and the promotions and price point offered – Quadzilla is the clear better choice between the two. No matter what you are looking for Quadzilla not only will have a quality product but it will be offered at a decent price. So check out Quadzilla’s website to see one of the best curated cannabis catalogues in Canada!

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