Ontario Weed Delivery

Ontario Proposes Permanent Weed Delivery And Curb-side Pickup For Dispensaries

Weed delivery in Toronto and the rest of Ontario might be here to stay! If the provincial proposal passes - cannabis consumers can expect to have curb-side pickup and weed delivery available all the time. 

As Ontario made its way through the pandemic – the delivery of cannabis changed at every wave. At one point curb-side and delivery was the go-to and then suddenly taken away. But now the Ontario government has taken steps to allow permanent curb-side and delivery. 

This Thursday, Ontario brought forward the legislation to make curb-side and delivery a permanent option – including dispensaries. This move towards permanent weed delivery and curb-side pickup will allow businesses to support social distancing practices and general health directives. 

The Benefits of Weed Delivery and Curb-side Pickup

Every customer has a preference – and that is the great thing about this new legislation. It appeals to many! For some the idea of weed delivery is not ideal – for the business owner this can be costly and have some obstacles. But the reality is – for many cannabis consumers, being able to have your weed delivered to your door is ideal!

Many retailers found that weed delivery allowed them to continue business, almost, as usual while the pandemic raged on. It limited layoffs and allowed for reasonable market competition. And for customers – it was perfect!

Many cannabis consumers and retailers believe that the introduction of permanent weed delivery and curb-side pickup is overall beneficial for the industry. This will allow for proper support on a growing industry in Canada, that serves many Canadians. 

The next step is cutting the red tape around the concept. The idea behind permanent delivery and curb-side pickup is to allow business to try to work their way back from the downfalls of the pandemic. By removing the red-tape businesses will be able to meet the needs of their customers at a higher level. 

This modernization of delivery of business will allow many small businesses to thrive after what can be considered the hardest times in recent history. Bringing permanent weed delivery and cannabis curb-side to the industry will allow for greater inclusivity. 

Dispensaries Struggling to Stay Open

It may not be clear to you – but cannabis dispensaries struggled during the pandemic. Although originally recognized alongside alcohol retailers, to stay open during periods of lockdown, dispensaries did not exactly have the same experience. Instead, limits were imposed on how their products are sold. 

With that being said – the Ontario government introduced weed delivery and curbside pickup. This allowed cannabis dispensaries to meet the needs of their clients. 

And now, thanks to legislation introduced on Thursday, this could become a permanent option. 

Again – this change will remove a lot of the red tape already surrounding dispensaries and also continue to support the ongoing public-health measures. 

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