Ontario holds Canada’s largest cannabis consuming population. With that being said, it is clear why Ontario’s legalization and process have become the interest of many. What does it look like when such a large population has access to legalized weed? What are the social or economic impacts? Ontario is the beginning of what is proving to be a successful experiment. At Quadzilla we are happy to participate through our Online Weed services across Canada.

With Ontario’s growing population it is not a surprise that it has become the focal point of weed delivery. At Quadzilla we aim to make sure that our Ontario THC Delivery customers have access to a wide catalogue of products and an easy online ordering experience. Order with us and we will make sure that you get what you need in an efficient manner!

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Buy Cannabis Online Ontario

our top selling Online Cannabis products

From our flower catalogue, we would like to draw your attention to our top selling Sativa dominant hybrid Mimosa Cake. If you are not familiar with Mimosa Cake — you want to be! This quad AAAA rated, beautiful bud provides a lovely aroma, taste and high. With a THC level of 27.6% no matter how you choose to smoke this, you will be left feeling euphoric motivation, creative energy, and an overall better mental well-being.

Looking for that pain relief after a long day — maybe our CBD & RSO products will work best for you. Our most popular item is Euphoria Extractions CBD Chocolate Chip Cookie at the incredible price of $12. Each cookie will provide a good amount of relief for any pain or discomfort you may be feeling. But perhaps you need a little more — check out the Vape pen from Herbs Angel. This disposable pen is a great way to enjoy your CBD wherever you are in Ontario!

Long days ahead? Need that boost of creativity? Let us help you with our selection of microdose mushrooms and creative focused flowers. Schedule 35’s Microdose Shrooms (200 mg x 5) are a great way to give yourself that extra little boost of focus and creativity. Or check out some of our Alice brand mushroom edibles — each one will provide you with a trip to another kind of Ontario!

Mail Order Marijuana in Ontario

New Dispensaries In Ontario

Due to the ‘new normal’, we find ourselves in — the need to have things delivered is of even greater importance. At Quadzilla we make sure that all of our products and processes follow the new COVID-19 guidelines to ensure our employees and customer’s safety.

When weed was legalized in 2018 the need for convenient cannabis was on the rise! Our team at Quadzilla has worked diligently to make mail order weed delivery in Ontario as convenient as possible.

With over 5 years of experience, Quadzilla has created and maintained a strong reputation in the mail order weed world. We provide high-quality products that are available for delivery across Canada. Whether you live in Nunavut or the beautiful West Coast, we can get your weed needs delivered!

In order to enjoy our catalogue all you need to do is register on our website. Once we send you the confirmation approval you are good to go!

You may be wondering – why would I do this online when I could just go to my local dispensary or order from OCS? – Well let us explain some of the advantages of mail-order weed.

Ontario Cannabis - Buy Weed in Ontario

Why You should Buy Weed Online in Ontario

The need for convenience is growing and the internet is here to serve! Buying weed online with Quadzilla is convenient, safe and fast! We have everything you want from your online ordering experience. Let us showcase some of the finer points on why online weed delivery is the right thing for you.

1. Biggest Selection of Strain Variety, CBD Products, Magic Mushrooms & more.

By ordering weed online, you are privy to our vast catalogue of products. We strive to maintain a uniquely curated catalogue of cannabis goods and other special treats. Some of our highlighted products are:

Don’t forget to also check out the pre-order products and are constantly updated sale items. We aim to provide something for everyone!

2. Don't want to leave your house right now? No problem! Buying Weed Online Is Convenient, and we provide Shipment tracking.

As dispensaries continue to pop up — the convenience of walking down the road to buy your weed is getting easier. But for some, this is just not the way to do it. That’s where we come in — with our easy online ordering process, you can get your cannabis products while sitting on the couch.

We have designed our online ordering process to highlight some of our best and newest products – but we also make sure that our customers are informed customers. Each product comes with a detailed description that allows you to make the right purchase.

If you are still looking for more details on our products you might want to check out our blog!

3. Our Order Process is Safe and Secure when you Buy Your Weed Online.

With a new industry safety and security is a natural concern of the consumer and the business owner. For that simple reason, we make sure to take next level measures to guarantee your safety and security when ordering weed online.

How do we keep you safe? Well, we understand that although cannabis may be legal, not everyone is comfortable flaunting it. We make sure all of our products are received in discrete packaging that is also scent-free.

How do we keep you secure? Our online ordering process is designed and created to keep all of your information and data safe and secure. Through the use of secure server and SSL encryption we make sure that there is no unauthorized access to your information.

Ontario Weed Dispensary

What to do in Ontario After Buying Cannabis

Ontario has so much to offer — and with our cannabis products by your side everything will be just that much better!

Whether you choose to stay in the city and enjoy some of the major events like street festivals, the CNE, sports game or the lakefront — using our cannabis products will help heighten the experience.

No matter what you are looking for Ontario has it!  And with the ease of our online ordering we are here to make sure that you enjoy whatever experience you may choose. Roll a joint, grab your vape, enjoy an edible — and enjoy the beauty of Ontario! Don’t forget, Quadzilla Cannabis Ships Mail Order Marijuana to your door and in some areas has 420 delivery. Check out local weed delivery area for more details.

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