Everyone understands the ease and convenience of buying things online — who doesn’t like to shop and binge watch shows at the same time! With the legalization of cannabis in Canada in 2018, thus came the introduction of online weed ordering. If you are visiting Hamilton, why not use Quadzilla’s online weed ordering.

Whether you are visiting Hamilton or live here – Quadzilla is here to serve your cannabis needs. Sure, you could decide to visit one of Hamilton’s many cannabis dispensaries — but do you really want to get in your car and go through that hassle? We didn’t think so. Our online ordering process is so quick and easy!  — but deciding what to order can be the hardest part. Let us help you out by highlighting some of our best products.

Our flowers are beautiful — but one that truly stands out is AAAA Criminal strain. New to the catalogue this beautiful bud provides a feeling of total relaxation and ease. Your high will begin with a cerebral lift, followed by a body buzz and ending with an overall feeling of zen. So when you are looking for a relaxing time in Hamilton this Criminal will be the best partner in (no)crime.

Flowers might not be your go-to or maybe you need an extra punch, check out our edibles. Euphoria Extraction’s Shatter Bars offer a strong hit with a small dose. Averaging at 30mg of shatter per piece it won’t take much for you to reach that giggly, happy state that edibles are so well-known for. Looking for something just as good, but maybe not as hard-hitting — you will want to try Sour Gummies from Essential. Each piece yields 30mg of THC and a delicious candy flavour!

Or maybe it is time to just focus on whatever is coming out next — our mushrooms catalogue is the thing to check out. We are proud to offer both edibles and microdose for our mushroom connoisseurs. Schedule 35’s microdose pills are just what the package says, “This isn’t Bradley Cooper’s ‘Limitless’ pill, but it damn sure comes close.” Or you could choose one of the mushroom edibles from Alice. No matter what you choose — our shroom products will make your time in Hamilton out of this world!

Dispensaries in Hamilton

Mail Order Marijuana in Hamilton Ontario

Online weed ordering has been around for a couple of years now — but do you know how to it works? Let us explain.

Imagine having access to top quality products coming from a variety of different sources? Sounds ideal, right? Well, that is what we offer at Quadzilla. We take pride in the catalogue that we have curated and believe that it caters to any weed smoker. Whether you choose to enjoy the natural beauty of Hamilton or the downtown — we have a product that will make it that much better.

Now, there are lots of order online weed websites out there — so why choose Quadzilla? Well we have been around for the past five years. We have worked towards creating a good online experience for our customers and make sure that we provide the necessary support and security.

So stop thinking about getting in your car and visiting a dispensary — just visit our website, register and you are good to go! If you have any questions, check out our FAQ.

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Why You should Buy Weed Online in Hamilton

We are going to keep this simple — there are three key reasons why you should be ordering your weed online with Quadzilla.

1. Buying Weed online Give you Lots of Strain Variety

We have it all! And that is no joke. We have worked hard to create a catalogue that caters to the recreational smoker, the medicinal user, or the experimenter — something for everyone. Our catalogue consists of:

2. Buying Weed Online From Quadzilla is Super Convenient

At Quadzilla we have designed a website that makes the online weed ordering as easy as could be. By simply registering with your ID, a quick approval from us you are ready to enjoy our catalogue!

So why make the effort to head downtown to one of the Hamilton dispensaries, when you could simply just sit on your couch enjoying the comforts of home while buying your cannabis products.

Our shipping averages 1-3 business days and tracking information is provided.

3. Safe, Secure & Discrete Process when buying Weed Online

Besides the actual physical action of going to a dispensary — for some, buying your weed in a public place is not ideal. That’s why our online weed ordering is your best option when in Hamilton!

When you order your cannabis online with us we make sure to keep your information safe and secure from any unauthorized users. Using SSL encryption and a secure server allows us to give our customers peace of mind that their information is being taken care of. Once you are ready to order you can be comfortable knowing your products will arrive in discrete, scent-free packaging.

What to do in Hamilton, Ontario

Hamiltons Best Dispensary

Your weed has arrived! Now what to do?

With the wait over — now, it is time to enjoy your Quadzilla cannabis products. But what is there to do in Hamilton? The great thing is — there are endless things to do in Hamilton.

If you are looking to enjoy the great outdoors — roll that blunt and head over to the Bruce Trail to enjoy the beauty of Ontario nature.

Want an escape from the present? Hamilton offers a wide variety of museums focusing on all different topics. Whether it’s an art gallery, a war museum, or an old schoolhouse there are tons of things to check out in Hamilton.

We want you to enjoy your time in Hamilton and we believe our products at Quadzilla will do just that! Just visit our website and follow the quick easy registering process — and your time in Hamilton will be on a whole new high!

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