Whether you are planning a short visit or staying long-term in Kitchener there are endless things to do and our cannabis products at Quadzilla will help enhance whatever you choose! Kitchener holds a long history which provides a great deal of culture and attractions to see.

One of the main focuses is on festivals that provide something for everyone. Some of the key festivals in Kitchener are The Open Ears Festival, IMPACT theatre festival, and the famous Oktoberfest. Whatever festival you choose one of our products will make sure you have a great time!

Our product list is long – let us give you a quick Coles notes of some of our featured products.

Starting with our mushrooms — somewhat new, but oh so good! We are happy to offer two different ways to consume mushrooms. The first being edibles from Alice — we offer both your chocolate go to or sour gummies. These products are sure to give you that opportunity to wander around in a different world. Or perhaps you are looking for something as a creative pick me up – Special 35’s microdose mushrooms provide just what you need to get stuff done.

Looking for scent-free high? Our vape products will serve your needs. We offer a variety of different tip cartridges from Mary Jay, Golden Spade Extracts and Rocky Mountain. All options offer quality Rosin that will provide you with the high you need! Don’t forget our Rocky Mountain Tips sell as buy 3 get 1 free!

And don’t forget the ever-reliable flowers. Some of our favourites are Mimosa Cake, Platinum OG and Zinger Gift. If you are looking for that daytime park high in the beauty of Kitchener — Mimosa Cake is the strain for you. Looking for something a little more physical? Platinum OG will provide you with a body buzz and that stuck-to-the-couch type feeling. And lastly, Zinger Gift a strong Hybrid that offers a euphoric uplifting sensation followed by your standard Indica relaxation. No matter what kind of high you are looking for — Quadzilla has what you need.

Dispensaries in Kitchener

Mail Order Marijuana in Kitchener Ontario

With the legalization of cannabis in 2018, came the introduction of dispensaries all over Kitchener. Of course, a visit to these stores will provide a decent selection however, our products are just superior. We take pride in the specifically curated catalogue that we believe caters to every cannabis consumer.

With our quick registration process, you will be able to have access to our complete catalogue! Once we have confirmed your information it will only be a short 1 to 3 days until your Quadzilla products are in your hand!

Waterloo Ontario Dispensary - Bud

Why You should Buy Weed Online in Kitchener

1. Largest Selection when Buying Weed Online

We have mentioned our curated catalogue, let us tell you a little more about it. We have worked hard to create a catalogue that caters to all needs — whether you are a recreational smoker, casual edible consumer, or require cannabis for medicinal purposes we have a product for you.

Some of our products include:

2. Just Like A New Dispensary, Buying Weed Online is Safe

As part of our process, we ensure that your information is kept safe and secure on our website. Through the use of SSL encryption and secure server we are able to guarantee that your information can never be accessed from any unauthorized user. We understand that when sharing your data, you want to know it is protected.

To continue to meet the needs of our customers we also offer packaging that is discrete and scent-free. By doing this we have made our customers feel comfortable with making their purchase while at home or when away in a great place like Kitchener!

3. our Shipping process is discreet when Buying Weed Online

In order to make sure that you get your weed in time for whatever big plans you have made in Kitchener we offer fast and secure shipping. Using Canada Post we aim to have your product in your hands in 1-3 shipping days.

How does it work? After you have registered on our website we will promptly approve your information. Once you receive the approval email you will have access to order from our full catalogue. With a few clicks and confirmation of payment, we will begin the packaging process immediately. You will receive a confirmation email, including a tracking number!

What to do in Kitchener, Ontario

Kitcheners Best New Dispensary Online

Your weed has arrived! Now what to do?

Now that you have your cannabis products you may be wondering how to enjoy them in Kitchener, well we are happy to tell you that the options are endless!

If you are looking for a relaxing time — roll a joint and check out some of Kitchener’s beautiful parks like Victoria Park or Waterloo Park. Checking out these areas will provide you with a beautiful nature escape.

You may find yourself in the need for trying some new local foods or just checking out the goods that Kitchener has to offer — you will want to visit St. Jacobs Famers’ Market & Flea Market. The options are endless and with a quick hit of your vape, you will have a great time!

Although Kitchener may be a smaller town than the not too far away Toronto — it still has so much to offer the cannabis consumer. We can’t wait for you to enjoy some of our Quadzilla products while in Kitchener!

Waterloo Ontario Dispensary - Cannabis
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