With the legalization of cannabis in 2018, came a new sense of comfort and peace in London, Ontario. Considered to be one of the top cannabis consumers in the country London, Ontario was quite thrilled with the arrival of legalized weed — but also ordering weed online and we at Quadzilla are happy to provide!

It is no surprise that when legalization happened dispensaries popped up all over London. It can be convenient for some, but not ideal for others and that is what we are here for! At Quadzilla we have curated a catalogue that is dedicated to all cannabis consumers and we know that the London cannabis community will enjoy it!

New Cannabis Products in London Ontario Dispensaries

Just in case you found our catalogue a little too welcoming, let us share with you some of our best products.

Walking those nature trails? You might want to roll a joint with our Mimosa Cake strain. This bud has so much to offer the consumer. Starting with a feeling of positivity this bud then leads you down a path of creativity and motivation towards whatever goal you have ahead. And just in case you needed a little help with some pain or mental health issues — this is the bud for you! As you take in the citrus smoke from the Mimosa Cake, it will just help you notice the beauty of London’s nature.

Heading downtown London to enjoy some fine foods maybe our edibles might help boost the experience. A piece of Euphoria Extraction’s Shatter bar will certainly improve any dining experience you may choose. With a strong punch of 30mg of shatter per piece, it won’t take much for you to enjoy a euphoric experience.

Or maybe you just want that moment of zen — our concentrates will take you to a whole different level. Check out our Black Dragon – Gold Seal Afghani Hash. Not only does this stuff look beautiful — it has everything you could possibly need. Yielding a 41.7% THC level, after only a few minutes of your hit you will feel the effects. Whether you enjoy it by smoking a pipe or adding some to your joint — this hash will leave you feeling next level high. As with most concentrates – we highly recommend following the rule, start low and go slow, you won’t regret it!

Mail Order Marijuana in London Ontario

At Quadzilla we understand the growing and changing needs of the cannabis consumer. Whether you are consuming for medicinal purposes, recreational purposes or for a new experience we have what you need. And what is even better — you can order all of this from the comfort of your home!

With our easy registration process and quick approval, you will gain access to order from our entire catalogue. With just a few clicks you will have a cart full of great products that will be on your doorstep in 1-3 business days.

London Ontario Dispensary - Bud

Why You should Buy Weed Online in London Ontario

1. Londons Largest Selection when Buying Weed Online

When it comes to purchasing weed in London there are some important reasons why you should consider purchasing online with Quadzilla.

Using our online ordering process guarantees the cannabis consumer quality product at a good price delivered right to your doorstep! Our catalogue of products offers something for everyone. Some of our keys products include:

We strive to constantly provide new high-quality products at good prices and often have sale items! Check out our catalogue to see what we have to offer.

2. Buying Cannabis Online is Easy, Safe and We Provide Canada Post Tracking Codes!

Ordering online with us doesn’t just get you the good products, but it is also secure, safe and easy! After you register online, we will approve your information and immediately begin processing your order. Using Canada Post we aim to have your cannabis products in your hands in 1-3 business days. And no need to stress — we will send you tracking information so you can stay informed.

3. More reasons to Buy Weed Cannabis in London ontario

The top three reasons you should order your weed online with us:

  • Variety! Variety! Variety! Our products are for everyone.
  • Safe and Secure: We use SSL encryption, secure server to make sure your information is safe.
  • Convenience! Our online ordering process will make sure that you get your weed easily.

Order online with us and you will enjoy your cannabis in the most cannabis friendly city London, Ontario!

What to do in London, Ontario

Londons Best New Dispensary Online

Your Weed has Arrived! Now what?

Now that you have your Quadzilla products in hand you might start to consider what there is to do in London. Let us help you out! As we said earlier – London is considered one of the top cannabis consumers in the country and what that means is that this city is a weed enthusiast’s paradise!

Whether you are looking to escape to nature, laugh at a comedy club, enjoy delicious treats downtown, or explore the vast history of London there are endless things to do. And our weed products will enhance any experience you choose!

So grab your vape, roll a joint or pop an edible and explore the parks of London or wander around a museum or maybe check out a local festival. After you finish wandering around the munchies may be setting in — we highly recommend checking out Convent Garden Market. As you can see, London will provide endless entertainment for any cannabis consumer!

London Ontario Dispensary - Cannabis
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