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Buy AAAA Weed In Toronto, Canada

Quadzilla has the most popular quality AAAA weed in Canada. Our most popular quads are mimosa Cake, Criminal, Blue Magoo, Dosi Pie, Cherry Pie, Sour Blue Glue & more. These top tier cannabis strains are strong have a vibrant in colour, have many trichome crystals and of course a delicious strong odour.

AAAA Weed Grading System

When purchasing your weed you want to know that you are getting the best stuff, we use the A-AAAAA rating scale to determine quality. It is simple – the fewer the As the lower the quality or potency of the strain. For example, grade A weed is often called ‘ditch’ weed because it is made up of both bud and stems — this gives it a weaker impact. AA weed is considered a decent quality bud. This rating is based on the appearance — which is typically green and the buds are thin. There are some stems, but not as much as grade A. Triple A (AAA) cannabis is probably the most popular rating — it looks robust and colourful with more trichome crystals, thus having a stronger effect.

What makes AAAA Weed?

AAA vs AAAA (trips vs quads)

Your next step is the AAAA cannabis which contains higher amounts of trichome crystals that are stacked with CBD and THC (cannabinoids) – this makes quad level weed (AAAA) extremely potent and effective.


We must let you in on a little secret — more trichomes does not always mean more THC. Due to cross-breeding and genetics, every strain is an individual with different levels of cannabinoids and terpenes. Trichomes are also known for carrying high CBD which can diminish the psychoactive effects of THC. You may be noticing now that there is a lot that goes into determining the grade of weed and the level of trichomes. Fortunately, with legalization, there is more ability and access to grow and create strains with all sorts of different cannabinoid levels, so we can gain the benefits of all strains.

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