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Concentrates are products made from the cannabis plant that have been processed to keep only the most desirable plant compounds (primarily the cannabinoids and terpenes). They come in many forms such as shatter, vapes, hash and have become increasingly popular in Canada.

Concentrates Delivery In Toronto, and the Greater Toronto Area

Get Concentrates Delivered in Toronto and the GTA. Cannabis concentrates offer more ways of consuming weed. Although concentrates are available in a variety of forms, they all contain higher potency levels than normal marijuana buds. Because of their high potencies, cannabis concentrates are ideal for people looking to stay high for long periods of time. Find more information with our Concentrates 101 guide. 

Types of Weed Concentrates

Today, there are various types of cannabis concentrates to choose from. This creates more ways for users to indulge in their favorite marijuana strains. Similarly, thanks to weed concentrates, medical patients have access to stronger doses for their health conditions. 

Common types of marijuana concentrates include:

Butane Hash Oil (BHO), is a term used to refer to cannabis concentrates that are made using butane, such as weed wax and shatter. Usually, BHOs are highly concentrated with terpenes, THC, CBD, and other cannabis compounds. These compounds give BHO their effects and aroma. Depending on the handling of BHO during the manufacturing process, the final product may either be in the form of oil or a hard substance. 

Common forms of BHO:

  • Wax – A category of cannabis concentrate that includes shatter, budder and crumble
  • Shatter – A form of weed wax that is hard and solid 
  • Budder – A form of weed was that is soft and pliable
  • Crumble – A form of weed wax that is crumbly in nature

Live Resin

Live Resin is a popular weed extract known for its variety of flavours and high concentration of cannabis compounds, including CBD, THC, and terpenes. Live Resin is considered the ‘champagne’ of weed concentrates.

Kief and Hash

Marijuana plants contain small resinous glands called trichomes. Dried trichomes are called kief, and are some of the best concentrates available today. Kief can also be used to make hashish.

Cannabis Oil

Cannabis Oil is a solvent is used to extract cannabis oil from marijuana. Cannabis oil is very potent, and is highly concentrated with either CBD or THC. Some oils have both CBD and THC.

Effects of Cannabis Concentrates

Like the name suggests, cannabis concentrates have higher levels of marijuana compounds, such as THC, CBD, terpenes, than regular marijuana flowers. Cannabis concentrates are also stronger, and this makes them ideal for users who want a long lasting high. 

THC Concentrate Effects

The amount of THC differs from one weed concentrate to another. While the THC level in a regular cannabis flower may be somewhere around 10-20%, weed concentrates can contain 70-90% THC. Clearly, the THC effects from a concentrate such as butane hash oil (BHO) will be more intense than the effects from regular cannabis buds.

CBD Concentrates

CBD concentrates have more CBD compared to traditional marijuana flowers. Some concentrates contain up to 99% CBD. Such high CBD concentrations can result in intense effects. Some users report feeling lightheaded after consuming CBD concentrates, while others may experience dry mouth.

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