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What is Hybrid Cannabis?

When you are being introduced to the cannabis world you might come across new terms and you might even feel overwhelmed with all of the selection. We at Quadzilla believe it is important that all cannabis consumers purchase and smoke with all of the necessary information. Let's focus on Cannabis hybrid strains.

You might be familiar with Indica and Sativa strains as these are the original basics. But we would like to tell you about the hybrid. Hybrid strains are created by cross-breeding Sativa, Indica and even other hybrid strains. Think of it like the best of all worlds!

As we said – hybrid strains of weed can provide the best of both worlds but really the idea is to try to create a strain that focuses on the positives of the original strains. This has added to the growing cannabis catalogues that exist! So when buying a hybrid what you want to pay attention to and make yourself familiar with are the specific benefits you are hoping to have from your session.


As stated previously – the hybrid is the combination of Indica and Sativa strains. The idea behind the hybrid strain is to breed the weakness out of the plant usually resulting in a plant that is stronger than the parent. This is ideal for all weed smokers!

It is important to note that the hybrid will certainly take on some of the qualities of the original parent plants. It is important that you pay close attention to what the parent plants are and the effects. By understanding this you can gain a better understanding of your hybrid strain. This is particularly important for the first time smoker.

One last thing that any weed smoker will want to be familiar with is that some hybrid strains are dominant in Indica or Sativa. Understanding the difference between these two strains will also help the cannabis consumer make the right purchase.


For the newbies in the room – Indica is that weed that has you melting on the couch, eating delicious snacks, while watching Netflix. This, for some, is the ideal high! Indica is your relaxation ticket that also provides sedating effects that are beneficial for those who suffer from poor sleeping habits. Some people who smoke Indica have often commented on the fact that it provides more of a body high than a head high – again leaving you with that total relaxation feeling.

When producing cannabis hybrids some will be more concentrated in the Indica strain. This means the impact on the smoker will be something like what we described above. It will provide that relaxation and overall sedation. The benefit of the Indica Hybrid strain is that it can provide both the relaxation from the Indica and creativity from the Sativa as an example. Like we said – best of both worlds!


The Sativa Hybrid is the Indica hybrid's counterpart – but not its opposite. If you are unfamiliar with Sativa – it is a mind and mood stimulating strain that many creatives prefer. Sativas are ideal for helping focus and be productive – while also being creative! Sativa is known for its benefits with ADHD, depression and chronic pain.

With that being said, the Sativa hybrid will provide many of these benefits but also with the relaxation from the Indica plant. Again – we can’t stress this enough – the best of both worlds!


There are many different reasons to try out a hybrid strain. For one, maybe you just like to try out new strains – then hybrids are ideal. Since they are bred from two different strains the impact could be somewhat different each time. This is ideal for the adventurous smoker! For those who like to have the best of both worlds – relaxing on the couch while being creative – a Sativa dominant hybrid might just be what you are looking for. At lastly for those who love the body relaxation high while staying focused on their day to day tasks – an Indica hybrid might just be that magic bowl.

Whatever your reason is for smoking – there is a hybrid for you. That is the great thing about hybrids, there are so many and developed from such different strains that the benefits are numerous and enticing.

Without the hybrid component of the cannabis community the weed strain world would be half the size it is today. And where would be in this world without wonderful hybrids like Blue Nightmare, Fire Mint, or Purple dream?

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