THC – 29.3%

CBD – 1.20%


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A-Train Strain Overview

A-Train encapsulates the epitome of a balanced strain, boasting a 50:50 split between Sativa and Indica. With above-average CBD levels, it’s not just a journey of recreational bliss but also a haven for therapeutic relief. A-Train is more than a strain; it’s an experience that caters to the body, mind, and soul. A True AAAA Weed Strain

Therapeutic Potency

A-Train is notable for its enhanced CBD content, marking it as a preferred choice for individuals seeking relief from seizures and muscle spasms. It doesn’t just stop there – the strain exhibits a multifaceted approach to alleviating anxiety, pain, and insomnia, underscoring its versatility in addressing a range of health concerns and therapeutic benefits.

Appetite Enhancement

For those struggling with appetite or facing weight loss due to medical conditions, A-Train arrives as the much-needed stimulant. It invokes a potent case of the munchies, making it invaluable for patients with wasting disorders or those needing to regain lost weight.

The A-Train Experience

Embarking on the A-Train journey immerses users in a state of creative arousal, marked by waves of euphoria and an uplifting mood. It’s a creative spur and a mental uplift, a balanced dance between mental invigoration and physical relaxation.

While the journey is a profoundly gratifying one, passengers on the A-Train should be mindful of common side effects. Dry mouth and paranoia may accompany the experience, along with bloodshot eyes and bouts of anxiety. However, these are common companions and can be managed with proper hydration and dosage moderation.

Flavour Profile

A-Train is a sensory delight, its flavour and aroma offering a nuanced blend of sweet yet spicy earthy flavors. Each puff is a melody of taste, echoing notes of fruit and pine that gratify the palate while enriching the overall experience.

A-Train is not just a cannabis strain but a well-rounded experience that combines recreational pleasure with substantial therapeutic benefits. With its balanced genetics, elevated CBD levels, and delectable flavour, A-Train is a ticket to a journey where euphoria and relief are the destinations.


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