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THC – 25+%

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Alien OG Strain Overview

Alien OG is a unique hybrid strain that effectively caters to a variety of needs. Known for its potency, this strain is a cross between Alien Kush and OG Kush, making it a richly genetic blend that pulls the best traits from its parent strains.

Effects of Alien OG

Upon using Alien OG, users often report feeling euphoric and happy. This uplifting effect is accompanied by a sense of physical relaxation that can leave users feeling quite lazy, creating a balanced mental and physical high.

Interestingly, Alien OG also sparks creativity, making it a popular choice among artists or anyone looking to think outside the box. However, the potentially sedative effects suggest that this strain might be better suited for late afternoon or evening use.

Medicinal Applications

Thanks to its balanced effects, Alien OG can be effective in relieving a variety of medical conditions. Its uplifting and euphoric effects can provide temporary relief from stress and anxiety. Furthermore, the strain’s physical relaxation properties can help alleviate chronic pain and migraines.

For those dealing with insomnia, the relaxing and potentially sedative effects of Alien OG might assist in achieving a restful night’s sleep. Moreover, its euphoric effects can also aid in combating mood disorders and provide an overall sense of well-being.

Flavour and Aroma

The Alien OG has a complex yet enticing flavour and aroma profile. It features sweet, earthy, and piney flavours, with a hint of lemon citrus, creating an interesting and pleasing taste. The aroma follows the same profile, offering an earthy and pine-like scent with a touch of citrus, making Alien OG an aromatic delight.

Alien OG offers a well-rounded experience with a balance of uplifting and relaxing effects. Whether you’re seeking relief from specific ailments or simply looking for a unique strain to try, Alien OG might be the strain for you.

3 reviews for Alien OG

  1. John Hingley (verified owner)

    Pretty good stuff. Nice relaxing buzz

  2. Breton Berthiaume (verified owner)

    Great stuff for a daytime puff. Keeps you upbeat with a great buzz for the day. Would be good I’m social settings.

  3. daniel flores (verified owner)

    smoked through it really fast, really smooth and good smoke. high tolerance and it sent me to bed a few times.

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