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THC – 28.5%
CBD – 0.25%

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Amethyst Strain Overview

Amethyst, a strain as captivating as the gemstone it’s named after, is predominantly an indica strain. But don’t be fooled by its classification. It may surprise you with sativa-like bursts of euphoria that amplify its overall appeal.

Fragrant Berries Meet Woody Undertones

With an aroma that exudes pungent berry and woody notes, Amethyst sets the stage for a unique sensory experience. As you exhale, the flavour profile of sweet earthy berry gives way to a piney aftertaste, taking you on a delightful tasting journey.

A Mellow High with an Element of Surprise

The Amethyst high is characterized by a mellow, creeping sensation that encapsulates indica’s quintessential relaxing properties. This calming body high may be coupled with a sense of couch-lock, yet it keeps you functional enough to engage in light activities. Interestingly, as you continue to consume this strain, a slight feeling of munchies may emerge, heightening the overall experience.

An Unexpected Euphoria

Not just restricted to its relaxing indica traits, Amethyst has a card up its sleeve. As the body high takes hold, users often report a hint of sativa-like euphoria. This unexpected joyful sensation adds an extra dimension to your cannabis experience.

Therapeutic Uses

Given its potent body high and moments of euphoria, Amethyst shines as a treatment for a variety of conditions. It is particularly beneficial for those dealing with depression, anxiety disorders, and attention deficit disorders, including ADD and ADHD.

A strain that subtly intertwines the calming relaxation of an indica with occasional bursts of sativa-like euphoria, Amethyst is a gem among cannabis strains. Its nuanced effects and distinctive flavour profile make it a top choice for a wide range of cannabis users.


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1 review for Amethyst

  1. Dylan Kennes (verified owner)

    Very potent Indica strain. The buds are big, dense, and have a beautiful purple color.

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