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THC – 25%

CBD – 0.85%


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Animal Cookies Strain Overview

Animal Cookies is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain that comes from crossing the popular Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG strains. Known for its hard-hitting effects and stable growth, this strain has become a favorite among breeders and patients alike.

Effects of Animal Cookies

The high from Animal Cookies is quick to arrive and powerful. It begins with a rush of euphoria that can leave you feeling unfocused and incredibly happy. As this euphoric haze deepens, a relaxing body high will accompany it, easing you into a state of calm and tranquility. This combination of effects quickly becomes sedative, making it easy to doze off unexpectedly.

Given these effects and its high THC content, Animal Cookies is a suitable choice for those looking to relieve symptoms of chronic pain, insomnia, chronic stress, depression, and lack of appetite or nausea. However, due to its sedative properties, it might be best to use this strain in the evening or at night.

Taste and Aroma

Animal Cookies offers a classic sweet nutty cookie flavour profile, with a hint of spicy pungency on the exhale. Its aroma is a mix of earthiness, sweet herbs, and a sour note that becomes more pronounced as the buds are broken apart and burned. This unique combination of flavours and scents contributes to the overall appeal of this potent Indica strain.

2 reviews for Animal Cookie

  1. Katelyn Anderson (verified owner)

    great Oz for your money!

  2. Mick (verified owner)

    Intense buzz, a couple of seeds, but not enough to worry about, plus almost no stalk. Very nice.

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