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Overview: Astral Bar White Chocolate

The Astral Bar is a distinctive edible product, that marries high-quality chocolate with the potent effects of psychedelic mushrooms, more specifically Psilocybin mushrooms. This indulgence is not just about the culinary pleasure, it’s also crafted to deliver a profound and transformative psychedelic journey.


The chocolate that forms the base of the Astral Bar is described as rich and flavourful. Its texture is smooth and velvety, melting delightfully in your mouth. This quality ensures that even the act of consumption is a gratifying experience.


The magic mushrooms that infuse the Astral Bar are chosen with care. They ensure a consistent potency across the product, aiming to provide a reliable and predictable experience for users. However, it’s important to remember that individual reactions to Psilocybin can vary based on a number of factors, including personal tolerance and the specific amount consumed.

Dosage and Consumption Recommendation

The Astral Bar, therefore, stands as an innovative way to experience the effects of magic mushrooms, combining a potentially powerful psychotropic experience with the familiar and indulgent medium of a chocolate bar. As with all substances of this nature, it should be used responsibly, with an understanding of the potential effects and risks.

1 review for Astral Bar White Chocolate

  1. Franklin Glover (verified owner)

    Great flavor and I have a good trip.
    I would definitely buy again and recommend it

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