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Indica Dom Hybrid

THC – 25%

CBD – 0.80%



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Ayahuasca Purple Strain Ounce Deal – Overview

Ayahuasca Purple is a potent cannabis strain known for its deep relaxation and vivid, creative effects. Its high THC content, coupled with a 1-2% CBD level, contributes to a profound and distinctive psychoactive experience.

Effects and Experience

The Ayahuasca Purple strain is renowned for its profoundly relaxing high. It’s known to produce a sense of deep happiness, coupled with vivid creative visions. The experience begins with a cerebral onset that gradually fills the mind with a sense of euphoria. As the high progresses, users typically report feeling a light body buzz that leaves them feeling tingly and ultimately drifts them into a sleepy and sedated state.

These characteristics make Ayahuasca Purple an excellent strain for evening or nighttime use, or anytime when deep relaxation and creative inspiration are desired.

Flavour and Aroma

The Ayahuasca Purple strain boasts a unique and rich flavor and aroma profile. When each bud is broken apart, it releases an enticing aroma of tropical fruits with a nutty accent, complemented by a distinct sharp pungency. The flavour is equally appealing, with a fresh floral fruit flavour underscored by an earthy aftertaste.

Medical Benefits

With its robust cannabinoid profile, Ayahuasca Purple offers potential benefits for a range of medical conditions. Its deeply relaxing and euphoric effects make it a popular choice for treating depression, chronic anxiety or stress. The strain’s ability to induce sleep also makes it useful for those suffering from insomnia. Furthermore, its potential to promote focus can be beneficial for individuals with attention deficit disorders such as ADD or ADHD. Lastly, it can stimulate appetite, making it useful for those dealing with conditions like anorexia.

10 reviews for Ayahuasca

  1. Katelyn Anderson (verified owner)

    A great Oz for the price!

  2. Julia Misasi (verified owner)

    This bud was amazing! Wish it was always in stock

  3. Kirk Edmund (verified owner)

    To be honest, this bud is trash. The texture, taste and how it burns is very disappointing.

  4. Kyle Evans (verified owner)

    Came a bit crispy, poor trim, but not totally dry. Smell is nice, but the hit isn’t that strong. Pro: relaxing sedative.

    Please offer more ounces in the 120-160 range. The Unicorn Poop was amazing at 120, Smackin’ also great at 110. This strain doesn’t cut it at the price

  5. William Dunn (verified owner)

    Burns dark Grey not a very good taste would not recommend bying this once for this price overpriced for quality of product

  6. GP (verified owner)

    Not my favorite strain from quadz, but decent

  7. Nissan Atmar (verified owner)

    Relaxing indica the hit is not too strong but great for evenings the relaxing and claiming effects were unique.

  8. Stew Ogilvie (verified owner)

    order twice in a row because this exactly the nice chilled out high i’m looking for. puts me in a instant good mood every smoke.

  9. Antonio Coccari (verified owner)

    Very good Afternoon smoke

  10. Mike Duckworth (verified owner)

    Nice smoke kewl buzz and tastes great

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