Big Cat Kush *Gas*

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THC – 29.2%

CBD – 0.15%

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Big Cat Kush: A Rare and Relaxing Indica

Like a majestic feline prowling through the dense forests of the west coast, Big Cat Kush is an elusive Indica strain that cannabis enthusiasts should seize the opportunity to experience. This unique blend of Mendo Breath and Maximus brings an enticing array of effects, making it an enticing choice for those looking to unwind or manage a variety of ailments.

An Aromatic Blend

Big Cat Kush roars with an intriguing scent profile. A masterful blend of citrusy pine graces your senses, underlined by a subtle hint of fuel. This uncommon combination crafts a sensory experience that is just as rare as the strain itself.

A Gradual Pounce, Then a Deep Purr

Just like the stealthy approach of a big cat, the effects of Big Cat Kush gradually creep in. The journey begins with a cerebral buzz that elevates your state of mind. As you ascend to these newfound heights, waves of relaxation wash over you, causing your body to surrender to a state of deep calm.

This strain isn’t just about tranquility, though. Many users report feeling uplifted and in high spirits, creating a sense of contentment that accompanies their activities. Despite its potential mood-boosting effects, Big Cat Kush is typically best enjoyed during the evening or night, as the relaxing elements may become increasingly pronounced over time.

Therapeutic Potential

The blend of effects makes Big Cat Kush a compelling option for treating a range of conditions. Its potential stress-relieving properties can offer respite from the day’s worries, while its ability to provoke relaxation could alleviate chronic pain, muscle spasms, and other physical discomforts. For those wrestling with depression, the mood-enhancing qualities may provide a welcome uplift.

Big Cat Kush is a rare strain that offers a unique cannabis experience. With its intriguing scent, gradual and deeply relaxing effects, and potential therapeutic benefits, this strain is well worth seeking out. Catch it while you can and let the calming roar of Big Cat Kush reverberate through your senses.


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5 reviews for Big Cat Kush *Gas*

  1. Stacy Recalla (verified owner)

    This flower was as described. It has nice aroma and is smooth to smoke. The effect is gradual so give yourself some time but you will feel happy and relaxed, great before bedtime. Will purchase this flower again.

  2. Dalia Jhirad (verified owner)

    Fantastic strain would buy again for sure

  3. Dalia Jhirad (verified owner)

    Got this strain again and really enjoyed it. Helps you feel relaxed and happy.

  4. Eric Chretien (verified owner)

    I’m happy I tried this one out. Adding this one to the, buy again list.

  5. Sandra Yeomans (verified owner)

    Perfect for insomnia and anxiety. Great dank, earthy flavour. Dense buds.

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