Black Gas x Island Pink (Rare!)


(3 customer reviews)

Indica Dom Hybrid

THC – 30.5%

CBD – 0.65%

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Black Gas x Island Pink Overview – A Rare Strain

If you’re looking to discover something a bit extraordinary in the world of weed, let us introduce you to the child of Black Gas and Island Pink. This blend isn’t just another strain – it’s an experience, a combination of two fantastic flavors and effects, offering a vibe that’s both chill and uplifting.

Flavour Combo

Imagine the earthy and slightly spicy kicks of Black Gas mixing and mingling with the sweet vanilla vibes of Island Pink. Sounds good, right? It’s like a flavour party where contrasting tastes come together to create something epic.


Now, let’s talk smell. This strain announces itself with a bang, filling the room with a mix of herbal goodness and sweet notes. It’s the kind of aroma that gets you excited to take that first hit.

The High Life

When it comes to the high, Black Gas x Island Pink starts you off with a buzz that’s all about happiness and uplifted vibes. It’s like a burst of sunshine for your soul.

Chill Mode Activated

But it’s not all about the energy. As you ride the high, expect a gentle landing into relaxation. It’s the kind of calm that has you feeling like you’re floating on a cloud. Peaceful, serene, and just the right amount of body buzz with true euphoric properties at work!

The Healing Touch

For the seasoned weed fans, this strain is not just a pleasure trip. It’s also a remedy. If you’re battling chronic pain, stressed out, or having those annoying muscle spasms, this is the stuff for you with users describing the therapeutic benefits as some of the best with this strain. Oh, and if sleep is playing hard to get, a session with Black Gas x Island Pink will have you snoozing in no time.

A Top-shelf strain, aromatic, vibrant, and potent.

In a nutshell, this strain is a mix of awesomeness. It’s where uplifting vibes meet ultimate relaxation. A dance of different flavors and a journey of highs and lows that make every puff worth it. Whether you’re looking to chill, get lifted, or both – Black Gas x Island Pink has got you covered! This AAAA strain is available for local delivery in Toronto all around the GTA and free shipping options across Canada.


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3 reviews for Black Gas x Island Pink (Rare!)

  1. Barry Reid (verified owner)

    Top drawer

  2. Steve Glover (verified owner)

    Good strain. Super strong. Good yielder. Will order again. Like this one !

  3. Barry Reid (verified owner)

    Continues to impress, the subtle flavour profile is fantastic.
    Like Steve said….Good yielder too>>>

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