Black Gold OZ


THC – 24%
CBD – 0.20%

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Black Gold: The Ultimate Indica Experience

Black Gold is the perfect strain for Indica lovers seeking a potent, relaxing high. Its unique aromatic profile of spice and sour diesel becomes more pronounced as you break apart the buds, leading to an intensified sensory experience during consumption.

A Unique Blend of Flavours

The flavour profile of Black Gold takes a lighter, yet equally interesting, turn. It has a sour citrus taste accentuated by hints of savory diesel, offering a pleasurable and unique smoking experience.

The Perfect End-of-Day High

The Black Gold high is best suited for a relaxed evening or lazy night in. Its powerful, stoney effects can induce sleepiness if consumed excessively. The high begins with a cerebral onset a few minutes after your last hit, filling your mind with a profound sense of relaxation. This pleasant sensation evolves into a state of euphoria and contentment. As your mind finds peace, your body succumbs to a calm and relaxed state.

Therapeutic Potential

Thanks to its effects and substantial THC level, Black Gold is often used for therapeutic purposes. It’s said to be beneficial in treating conditions like insomnia, arthritis, muscle spasms, chronic pain, depression, and chronic stress.

For a tranquil evening and a night of restful sleep, Black Gold could be your strain of choice. With its distinctive blend of flavours, relaxing effects, and potential therapeutic benefits, it offers a potent and enjoyable Indica experience.


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