Black Ice Hash

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Black Ice Hash Origins:

Black Ice is renowned for its unique blend of effects. This hash is known for offering a euphoric and sedative high while leaving you functional and energized. It takes you on a ride where you experience lethargy without feeling completely couch-locked.

Aroma and Flavour:

The flavour profile of Black Ice Hash offers a delightful mix. With a base of floral and earthy aroma, the flavor is further enriched by a sweet taste with spicy undertones. It’s a sensory experience that truly resonates with hash enthusiasts.


This hash is perfect for those seeking relaxation. Its unique effects make it an ideal choice for users who want to feel the euphoric, couch-locking high while still retaining the energy to carry on with their day.

Therapeutic Benefits:

Black Ice Hash is not just a recreational delight but also has numerous therapeutic benefits. It’s a great choice for alleviating back pain, insomnia, and stress. It also proves beneficial in dealing with mood swings and manic depression, making it a holistic choice for many.

Texture and Appearance:

Black Ice Hash boasts a dark brown exterior and a very dark green interior. Its soft and malleable texture ensures that it’s easy to use and handle.


1 review for Black Ice Hash

  1. Matt Stewart (verified owner)

    nice hash, very soft you get what you pay for, not top shelf and doesn’t pretend to be.

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