Blackberry Meat Breath

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THC – 27.5%
CBD – 0.85%

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Blackberry Meat Breath: A Unique Blend of Relaxation

Blackberry Meat Breath, an Indica strain, is the intriguing offspring of Blackberry Kush and Meat Breath. This exceptional and rare strain combines a tantalizing scent profile with a balanced high that instills relaxation without overpowering mental effects.

An Intriguing Scent and Flavour Profile

With Blackberry Meat Breath, you’re in for a unique sensory experience. The aroma is a rich blend of sweet mulled spices with a hint of earthy musk and herbal undertones. Upon use, this strain releases a diverse spectrum of terpenes, leading to an extraordinary taste sensation. Expect a dominant nutty flavour complemented by subtle notes of berries, herbal mint, and an earthy richness.

A Balanced High

The high from Blackberry Meat Breath is harmoniously balanced. It generates a comfortable sense of ease and relaxation, minus an excessively potent head high. If you’re looking to unwind without feeling mentally overwhelmed, this strain could be an excellent choice. It’s ideal for those seeking stress relief and relaxation.

Therapeutic Potential

Blackberry Meat Breath has potential therapeutic benefits, making it a suitable option for those dealing with chronic pain, muscle spasms, insomnia, and appetite loss. Its ability to instill relaxation without causing intense cerebral effects may make it a favorable choice for those seeking relief from these conditions.

Offering a unique taste profile and a well-balanced high, Blackberry Meat Breath is an intriguing strain that stands out for its distinct characteristics and potential therapeutic benefits. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, stress relief, or assistance with specific health issues, this could be the strain you’re looking for.


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10 reviews for Blackberry Meat Breath

  1. Olivia Davidson (verified owner)

    Great buds! My favourite by far!

  2. Dylan Kennes (verified owner)

    This strange a unique smell and taste. The indica buzz that accompanies it is amazing. This is by far one of the best buds i have ordered from here!

  3. Dylan Kennes (verified owner)

    This strain has a strange and unique smell and taste. The indica buzz that accompanies it is amazing. This is by far one of the best buds I have ordered from here!

  4. Olivia Davidson (verified owner)

    Perfect! Just the right amount of THC and CBD.

  5. Daniel Erickson (verified owner)

    Delicious tasting Erb. I’m picky about my chronic and this weed still got me baked, and satisfied. Good stuff for the price. Good if you don’t want an over powering strain.

  6. Jacob Swiderski (verified owner)

    Nice bud will def order again

  7. Shanelle Smith (verified owner)

    Great strain, one of my favourite go to’s!

  8. Shanelle Smith (verified owner)

    Second time ordering, still one of my favourites!

  9. Karen McAllan (verified owner)

    Love this bud from its packaging to its smell, it’s truly an experience. Would highly recommend this bud, I enjoy it in the evening before I chill and go to bed

  10. Shanelle Smith (verified owner)

    My official go-to when it’s not sold out! Great strain especially before going to bed.

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