Blackberry Pie


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THC – 25.5%

CBD – 0.75%


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Blackberry Pie Hybrid Strain Flavour and Effects:

A delightful blend reminiscent of its namesake, Blackberry Pie features a delectable fusion of sweet berry and subtle earthy nuts, creating a taste experience that’s both unique and comforting.


The strain greets your senses with a dank, earthy base, layered with a sweet and spicy fruity overtone. This complex aroma profile makes it a distinct and memorable choice for connoisseurs.


  • Onset: The high from Blackberry Pie builds gradually, beginning with a euphoric sensation that starts in the back of the neck and head.
  • Creative Euphoria: It sparks a state of creativity and a touch of motivation, ideal for engaging in artistic activities that don’t demand intense concentration.
  • Body High: As the experience evolves, a warm, soothing body high sets in, promoting deep relaxation.
  • Appetite Stimulation: This strain often brings a mild case of the munchies, making it a good choice for those looking to increase their appetite.

Therapeutic Uses:

Blackberry Pie is a popular choice for patients seeking relief from various conditions, including:

  • Cramps
  • Nausea
  • Appetite Loss
  • Chronic Pain
  • Inflammation

Strain Experience:

Whether you’re looking to spark your creativity, unwind after a long day, or seek relief from specific medical symptoms, Blackberry Pie offers a balanced and enjoyable experience. This strain is particularly favored by those who appreciate a flavourful taste profile combined with a multifaceted high.


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9 reviews for Blackberry Pie

  1. Karen McAllan (verified owner)

    Great bud fantastic smoke… will buy again for sure!!!

  2. Karen Butten (verified owner)

    Smooth and tasty…a really good smoke.

  3. ruby lewis (verified owner)

    Great smoke for a great price. Love this buzz for evening seshes.

  4. Brooklyn Persaud (verified owner)

    Pretty good, it gave me a lot of kief

  5. Mel Brown (verified owner)

    I bought it, I like it and will buy again. “good smoke”..

  6. Lucas Espinola (verified owner)

    Well worth the purchase

  7. Dianna Cripps (verified owner)

    Nice taste good buzz.

  8. Mel Brown (verified owner)

    I like it. I tried different strains, like them all. this is special. will buy again..

  9. Karen McAllan (verified owner)

    My absolute fave, always sad when none in stock

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