Blackberry Platinum *Gas*


THC – 28.3%

CBD – 0.15%


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Blackberry Platinum: The Indulgent Indica

Blackberry Platinum is an exceptional indica strain that brings together a delicious flavour profile, visually pleasing appearance, and an impressively potent high. This strain is well-loved for its ability to provide a deeply relaxing high, combined with an intriguingly complex and fruity flavour.

Flavour and Aroma

True to its name, Blackberry Platinum offers a delightful berry flavour, which is beautifully complemented by subtle hints of diesel and spices. The lingering sweetness of berries pairs incredibly well with the spiciness, making each exhale a unique experience. As for the aroma, Blackberry Platinum doesn’t disappoint. The fragrance is dominated by fresh berries and spicy undertones, with a strong earthy note that can easily fill a room.

The Effects

Blackberry Platinum is all about deep relaxation. The high from this strain impacts both mind and body, inducing a state of sedation that gradually intensifies until you feel the urge to sleep. The onset of the high starts with a tingling sensation at the back of your head before it engulfs your entire body in a wave of relaxation.

The sedative properties of Blackberry Platinum make it a fantastic strain for evening or nighttime use. It can also be a good choice for those days when you’re looking for some serious downtime, as its effects can last for a significant duration.

Therapeutic Benefits

Thanks to its potent effects and high THC level, Blackberry Platinum is a great choice for medical cannabis users. It’s particularly useful for treating conditions such as insomnia due to its sedative properties. The soothing effect can also be beneficial for managing migraines or headaches.

Moreover, its ability to induce a calm and relaxed state makes it a suitable strain for managing hyperactivity and mood swings. For those dealing with chronic stress, Blackberry Platinum could offer some much-needed respite by promoting relaxation and easing tension.

Blackberry Platinum stands out as an indulgent strain that combines flavour, aroma, and potent effects to create a complete cannabis experience. Whether you’re a recreational user in search of a deeply relaxing high or a medical user seeking symptom relief, Blackberry Platinum is a strain worth exploring.


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