Blue Alien

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THC – 28.5%

CBD – 0.75%

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Blue Alien: Pure Indica Strain for Nighttime Use

Blue Alien, a 100% pure Indica strain, stands out with its relatively high THC level and a spectrum of robust indica effects. Its high is described as most suitable for nighttime use.


Starting with a touch of euphoria, the Blue Alien high soon immerses you in an all-encompassing calm accompanied by dreamy cerebral effects. As the high progresses, you’ll gradually sink into a state of sedation, accompanied by an intense full-body relaxation that locks you onto the couch. It’s an experience that pulls you gently into deep, undisturbed sleep, free from any pain.

Medicinal Applications

Given its potent effects, Blue Alien is considered an ideal strain for treating patients dealing with insomnia, chronic anxiety, stress, and PTSD. The all-encompassing relaxation it offers can help users cope with these conditions effectively.


Blue Alien buds emit an aroma of sweet vanilla, adding to the sensory experience. The taste is equally delightful, featuring an earthy sweet berry flavour with a floral hint that becomes more pronounced on exhale. Try Blue Alien for a complete, reefer-induced nighttime relaxation.


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2 reviews for Blue Alien

  1. Paul Mckay (verified owner)

    Great for the price point!! Strong Indica High and good Taste.

  2. Andrew Chapman (verified owner)

    SOlid Strain.

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