Blue Comatose

THC 27% – CBD 1% Blue Comatose contributes to the stilted cerebral buzz, which is shrugs off stress and mutes mild physical discomfort. This strain is great for anxiety sufferers, depression and is best used during the day.


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Blue Comatose Strain Overview

Delve into a rich sensory experience with the Blue Comatose strain, an outstanding cannabis breed renowned for its potency, exquisite flavour profile, and deeply soothing effects. With its exceptional properties, Blue Comatose stands out as a premium choice in the diverse landscape of cannabis strains.


Blue Comatose is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain, borne from the union of the famed Blueberry and Comatose OG strains. This combination has yielded a strain with powerful effects and a robust, intricate flavour profile, making it a favoured choice among cannabis enthusiasts seeking profound relaxation and sensory delight.

Flavour and Aroma

The flavour and aroma profile of Blue Comatose is as enchanting as its name suggests. It captivates with a sweet blueberry aroma, reminiscent of a wild, summery forest. This initial scent gracefully gives way to a rich flavour fusion of sweet berry, subtle earthy undertones, and a hint of spiciness upon exhalation. This distinctive blend makes each encounter with Blue Comatose a gratifying sensory adventure.


Brace yourself for the deeply calming effects of the Blue Comatose strain. The high begins with a cerebral uplift, melting away mental stress and fostering a sense of euphoria. This is soon followed by a powerful wave of physical relaxation that permeates through the entire body, potentially leading to a state of dreamy tranquillity or “comatose” as its name implies. Given its powerful effects, Blue Comatose is a perfect choice for an end-of-the-day unwind, sleep aid, or a potent relief for chronic pains.


Blue Comatose is as appealing visually as it is in its effects. Its buds boast a vibrant palette of forest greens, deep blues, and purples, accentuated by the frosty blanket of resinous trichomes. This rich coloration and densely packed bud structure underscore the strain’s Indica-leaning genetics and high potency, making it a treat for both the eyes and the palate.

Whether you’re a seasoned connoisseur in the realm of cannabis or a novice exploring high-quality strains, Blue Comatose offers an unparalleled blend of complex flavors, robust effects, and aesthetic appeal. As always, enjoy responsibly and consult a healthcare provider if using cannabis for medicinal purposes.


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