Blue Dream


Sativa Dom Hybrid

THC – 24%

CBD – 1.00%


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Blue Dream: A Sativa Leaning Hybrid Strain

Blue Dream, a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid, is a fan favorite among cannabis enthusiasts. This strain is a potent cross between the popular Blueberry and Haze strains. With a 60:40 sativa to indica ratio, it delivers a dynamic high that can satisfy both sativa and indica lovers.

Flavour and Aroma

Blue Dream lives up to its name with its dreamy blueberry aroma and flavour. The scent is reminiscent of sweet blueberry pie, making it a treat for the senses. Upon consumption, you’ll be greeted with a sugary sweet blueberry taste that lingers long after smoking or vaping, further enhancing the overall experience.

The Effects

Blue Dream’s high is known for its rapid onset, delivering an uplifting cerebral head high. Users often find themselves completely motivated and focused, experiencing waves of creative energy that hit quickly and hard. Accompanying this invigorating cerebral high is a mellow, relaxing body high that leaves you feeling warmed, numb, and free from pain. The combined effects of Blue Dream provide a balanced high that’s both exhilarating and calming.

Therapeutic Uses

Given its balanced effects, Blue Dream is often recommended for individuals dealing with various health conditions. It can be ideal for patients suffering from chronic stress, providing much-needed relaxation and mental relief.

Those dealing with chronic pain due to injury or illness may also find solace in Blue Dream’s comforting body high. It has been reported to alleviate mild to moderate cases of depression by boosting mood and motivation. Furthermore, those struggling with sleep disorders, including insomnia, may benefit from its relaxing effects.

Whether you’re a medical cannabis patient seeking relief or a recreational user looking for an uplifting yet relaxing strain, Blue Dream is a great option. Its delightful blueberry flavour, combined with its dynamic effects, creates a cannabis experience that’s both enjoyable and therapeutic. As always, remember to start slow, especially if you’re new to this strain, and adjust your dosage based on your tolerance and desired effects.

A Top 100 Strain

Considered among the top 100 cannabis strains ever, Blue Dream is available here at Quadzilla Cannabis Dispensary in Canada. Known for its balanced effects and sweet berry flavors, you can even get this iconic strain delivered to your doorstep, Experience its unique, euphoric high!


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