Blue God


THC – 27%

CBD – 1.00%



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Blue God: A Nighttime Indica Strain for Full-Body Relaxation

Strain Profile and Flavour

Blue God, an Indica-dominant strain, develops a sweet berry flavour and aroma as it matures. True to its Indica roots, it is a strain best suited for nighttime use, providing an immersive, all-encompassing body high.

Experience and Effects

The onset of Blue God’s effects is gradual, first slowing down your breathing and melting away muscle tension. Rather than boosting cerebral activity, the mental effects lean more towards the psychedelic — amplifying sensory experiences and making music or movies seem surreal and intensified.

The overall sensation is one of being spacey and stoned, which often suppresses any sense of focus. The tranquilizing influence of this strain proves effective for the relief of chronic pain, anxiety, and especially insomnia.

Ideal Usage and Therapeutic Benefits

As the high takes root entirely in the body, Blue God fulfills the expectations of an Indica strain by delivering potent full-body effects. These effects make it an excellent choice for a nighttime treatment, aiding in relaxation and encouraging deep sleep.

Through its physical sedation and mental tranquility, Blue God can be a powerful tool for those seeking to combat chronic pain, anxiety disorders, and sleep disturbances.


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