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THC 28%

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Blue Magoo: A Berry-Flavoured Indica Strain

Blue Magoo is an indica-dominant strain, leaning 70% towards indica. This strain is known for its unique flavour profile and powerful therapeutic effects, making it a favorite amongst both recreational and medicinal users.


Upon consumption, Blue Magoo’s effects are typically characteristic of indica-dominant strains. Users can expect a potent head and body buzz that leads to a state of deep relaxation. This “stony” sensation can be especially enjoyable for those looking to unwind after a long day or seeking a strain to help with a good night’s sleep.

Therapeutic Uses

Blue Magoo’s strong relaxing properties have made it a popular choice for those dealing with a variety of symptoms. For instance, it can be particularly effective for individuals suffering from nausea, helping to soothe the stomach and potentially stimulate appetite.

For those dealing with anxiety or insomnia, Blue Magoo’s calming effects can help to reduce worry and promote restful sleep. Its ability to induce relaxation can also help those with a poor appetite to enjoy their meals more.

Flavour and Aroma

One of Blue Magoo’s standout features is its complex and enticing aroma. This strain smells like a mix of sweet blueberry candy and fresh fruit, offering a delightful sensory experience before it’s even consumed.

When smoked, Blue Magoo leaves a lasting blueberry flavour on the tongue, accompanied by milder sour undertones. This interesting flavour profile can make for an enjoyable and unique smoking experience.

Side Effects

Like any cannabis strain, Blue Magoo can produce some side effects. Most commonly, users might experience dry mouth and dry eyes, both standard side effects of marijuana use. It’s also important to consider potential feelings of dizziness or paranoia, especially if consumed in large quantities or by individuals with lower tolerances.

Blue Magoo’s relaxing effects, coupled with its unique flavour profile, make it a popular strain for those seeking both enjoyment and relief. Whether you’re looking to alleviate certain symptoms or simply unwind, Blue Magoo could be a suitable strain to consider. Always remember to consume responsibly and be aware of your individual tolerance levels.


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2 reviews for Blue Magoo Cookie

  1. Tristan Bogler (verified owner)

    From a smoking perspective, fantastic…relaxing high, beautiful buds, and very sticky. My only reason for not giving a 5 is some strains irritate my sinuses – this one did – so that was kind of annoying. On the whole though, would buy again!

  2. Sarah Taylor (verified owner)

    Ash was white from the joint, very nice

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