Blueberry Hash


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Hand Pressed Blueberry Hash 

Blueberry Hash is available in 7-gram packages, providing ample quantity for multiple sessions of enjoyment.

Produced with Precision

Blueberry Hash is a hand-pressed, high-quality product from a local cannabis connoisseur based in the Vancouver Area. This hash is created with care and precision, crafted by adding a small quantity of water during pressing.

Blueberry Aromatics and Flavour

True to its name, Blueberry Hash is characterized by its distinctive blueberry smell and taste. This hash not only titillates your senses with its aroma and flavour but also offers a unique texture that is soft and pliable.

Balanced High and Therapeutic Potential

With an average THC content of around 30%, the high from Blueberry Hash is subtle yet potent. It builds slowly, ensuring a gradual transition into the euphoric state, and once it kicks in, it’s long-lasting. The taste is mild to strong, yet smooth, not overwhelming you immediately. It boasts a sweet, piney, fruity, and blueberry aroma that is as enjoyable as the high itself. This hash could potentially aid in managing anxiety, stress, depression, and insomnia, making it a wonderful choice for those seeking a relaxing day or a peaceful night’s sleep.


8 reviews for Blueberry Hash

  1. Gary McAdam (verified owner)

    Had a taste of blueberry not bad

  2. Gary McAdam (verified owner)

    Nice smooth blueberry taste. Even has a hint of blueberry smell in the smoke. With a beautiful high I feel very relaxed, this hash is quite different from the norm. But it good. Thank you Quadzilla for the experience!

  3. Jayson Jarigen (verified owner)

    Love this hash! Top quality at a reasonable price. Thanks Quadzilla

  4. Kirby Currie (verified owner)

    As usual great service and a quality product. I enjoy the different types of hash they get and it’s always a feeling of anticipation when I know I’m about to get dropped another new product to try. A friend put me on to here and I don’t think ill need to go anywhere. Thanks for the awesome way you handle the customer service portion because I think that’s important to show the customer how much you appreciate their business. Keep it up!

  5. Thomas Kaloxilos (verified owner)

    Smokes great, smells good, great price

  6. Sean Conway (verified owner)

    Thank you another good product at good price, sorry I didn’t get the blueberry taste but certainly got the high, awesome
    Thanks again and thank you for the service……cheers

  7. Sean Conway (verified owner)

    I gave it 5 stars for quality, quantity and price. It’s a good thing and sorry I did get a hint of blueberry this time.
    Thanks again and great service.

  8. Robert McAdam (verified owner)

    Nice smooth burn…does the job….

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