Cherry Mountain

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THC – 29%

CBD – 0.55%

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Cherry Mountain Hybrid Strain

Genetics: A cross between the classic Cherry Pie and Appalachia strains.

Aroma and Flavour:

  • Aroma: As you unravel each sparkling nugget, Cherry Mountain releases a captivating blend of sweet cherries and spicy chemicals, underlined by a rich earthy pungency.
  • Flavour: The taste is a delightful mix of sweet and fruity, predominantly featuring a berry overtone with a slightly spicy note upon exhale.


  • Psychedelic Calm: The Cherry Mountain high is characterized by a unique sense of psychedelic calm that envelops you, providing deep tranquility.
  • Relaxed Motivation: Alongside this calm, you’ll experience a feeling of relaxed motivation, perfect for engaging in creative or introspective activities.
  • Pure Happiness: The strain induces a state of pure happiness, making it ideal for unwinding after a stressful day or for casual relaxation.

Therapeutic Uses:

Given its effects and THC level, Cherry Mountain is particularly effective for treating:

  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Depression or Mood Swings
  • Chronic Stress
  • Chronic Pain

Cherry Mountain is a superb choice for those seeking a balanced hybrid experience. Its unique combination of sweet aroma, flavorful taste, and a blend of tranquil and motivating effects makes it ideal for a wide range of therapeutic applications or simply for enjoying a relaxed, happy state.


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5 reviews for Cherry Mountain

  1. Dustin vanvogt (verified owner)

    I got the wrong strain by accident I tried one bong hit and I did not like this it was good looking I just not a fan of this train

  2. Zachary Labao (verified owner)

    Great strain

  3. Deanster (verified owner)

    Very dry! Was most likely old stock.

  4. Ben Lockley (verified owner)

    Meh, looks great, but isn’t.

  5. Ian Duffy (verified owner)

    Not horrible..but not the greatest..
    A bit dry, but smells and taste ok

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