Diamond Socks


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THC – 24.5%

CBD – 0.80%


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Diamond Socks Strain Overview

Diamond Socks is a rare Hybrid strain with an evenly balanced ratio, providing a unique blend of both uplifting and relaxing effects. Its intriguing high makes it a choice strain for both recreational and medicinal users.

Flavour and Aroma

Diamond Socks offers a unique flavour profile. Upon inhaling, users experience herbal and citrusy notes, followed by hints of hash and earth on the exhale. Its aroma echoes these flavours, characterized by earthy hash nuances accented by zesty citrus fruits. The combination of these aromas and flavours makes for a complex and satisfying smoking experience.


The high from Diamond Socks is both cerebral and physical. Initially, users experience a euphoric lift that engenders a happy mood, although this comes with a degree of haziness, affecting focus. After this, a creeping body high sneaks in, leading to a state of profound relaxation and sedation. Importantly, this strain doesn’t cause drowsiness or induce sleep but keeps you in a tranquil, sedated state for an extended period.

Therapeutic Uses

Due to its powerful body high and relaxing properties, Diamond Socks is often chosen for its potential to alleviate physical discomfort, such as muscle spasms or cramps. Its uplifting cerebral high may also be beneficial for individuals dealing with depression.

Moreover, its sedative effects make it a potential candidate for managing chronic pain. Those suffering from physical discomfort and those seeking mental tranquility may find relief with Diamond Socks.

7 reviews for Diamond Socks

  1. Kristina Afanaseva (verified owner)

    Little harsh

  2. Karen Butten (verified owner)

    Richly flavourful to the experienced smoker. Very nice buzz.

  3. Jodi Stanfield (verified owner)

    Nice throat hit. Thick flavor and heavy smoke. Good buzz.

  4. daniel flores (verified owner)

    good smoke, would order again. slightly harsh

  5. Richard Urtins (verified owner)

    Nice taste and aroma. Good smoke!

  6. Steve Gravestock (verified owner)

    Not to bad….was hoping for a deeper body but it’s good.

  7. shaun montmarquette (verified owner)

    Real good

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