THC – 30%

CBD – 0.35%

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Do-Si-Platinum – Overview

Do-Si-Platinum, also known as “Dosi Pie Platinum” or “Dosi-Pie,” is a heavy Indica-dominant strain renowned for its potent effects and unique dessert-like flavour profile. It’s a top choice for Indica enthusiasts who enjoy the blend of a unique aromatic experience with a potent high.

Effects and Experience

The Do-Si-Platinum high is slow to build but becomes profoundly relaxing once it sets in. The initial effects are cerebral, instilling a sense of uplifting tranquility that eventually transforms into a full-blown heavy feeling, taking your brain into a blissful stupor. As the cerebral effects settle, you are wrapped in a soothing body high, bringing forth an intense calmness that permeates from head to toe. Due to its high THC level and potent effects, Do-Si-Platinum is best suited for evening or nighttime use.

Flavour and Aroma

Do-Si-Platinum is famed for its unique flavour profile. As the name implies, this bud carries a delectable nutty, pie-like flavour, accented by the freshness of fruits and a spicy hint of anise. The aroma complements the flavour, combining a rich peppery anise scent with notes of sour citrus, nutty graham crackers, and sharp mint.

Medical Benefits

Given the potent calming effects of Do-Si-Platinum, this strain may offer potential therapeutic benefits. The relaxing cerebral and body effects may help manage insomnia, allowing for a restful night’s sleep. Furthermore, the mood-boosting properties may assist in dealing with chronic stress and depression, offering a sense of tranquility and peace. For those dealing with chronic pain, the potent body high may help to ease discomfort. Its ability to stabilize mood swings also provides relief to those dealing with fluctuating moods.


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