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Product Overview: Sweet Satisfaction with a Sativa Kick

Savour the sweetness of chocolate chips coupled with the kick of Sativa. Euphoria Extractions presents Sativa Cannabis Cookies, infused with the strain Great White Shark. Each cookie is brimming with 6 grams of Cannabutter, offering a delicious and potent experience.

Perfect Dose:

We recommend a dose of half a cookie for a balanced experience. This allows you to enjoy the full-bodied flavour of the cookie while experiencing the uplifting effects of the Sativa strain.

Strain: Great White Shark

The Great White Shark strain is known for its potent effects, making it an excellent addition to these cannabis-infused cookies. Enjoy the cookie’s delicious taste, coupled with the strain’s invigorating properties.

Experience the perfect blend of sweet indulgence and cannabis enrichment with the Sativa Chocolate Chip Cookie from Euphoria Extractions. Savour every bite while enjoying the uplifting effects of the Great White Shark strain.

6 reviews for Euphoria Extractions – Sativa Chocolate Chip Cookie 100mg

  1. Khristine Montaque (verified owner)

    10 stars

  2. kVolare (verified owner)

    Great high, decent taste.

  3. Jason Marris (verified owner)

    AMAZING! Always a good time after eating one of these.

  4. Katharine Brennan (verified owner)

    Great value! I eat half a cookie at a time and get a nice sativa buzz. Great for days when you can’t smoke. It makes you feel good energy. I love these shatter cookies, I’ll buy them again

  5. Sarah Taylor (verified owner)

    Tastes really good, I took half after breakfast and felt great during the day, really relaxed. Would def buy again

  6. Shelley-Anne Fraser (verified owner)

    My boys each had half a cookie, waited an hour, and went on a 2-hour limo ride around the city and had a blast. Tasted great and made everything “brighter” and “funner.”

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