Fire Mint *GAS*

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THC – 30%
CBD – 1.00%

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Fire Mint: A Rare Hybrid Gem

Fire Mint is a unique hybrid strain that is often considered a hidden treasure in the cannabis world. A fusion of tantalizing flavours and balanced effects, this strain is known to provide an invigorating cerebral boost accompanied by profound physical relaxation.

Bursting with Flavour

Delight in the flavourful punch of Fire Mint, which offers a complex blend of woody sweetness and a refreshing touch of mint. As you light up, the room fills with an earthy aroma of pine and diesel, layered with herbal and spicy undertones. It’s a taste experience that is as unique as it is satisfying.

Energizing and Relaxing Effects

Fire Mint’s high begins with an uplifting wave of energy, known to spark creativity and eliminate mental blocks. As your mind ascends to new heights, your body remains rooted in a deep state of relaxation that’s almost sedative. The combination provides an overall sense of wellbeing, making Fire Mint a well-rounded strain for both recreational and medicinal use.

Therapeutic Potential

Thanks to its full-bodied effects and substantial THC content, Fire Mint is reported to be effective for a range of conditions. Users have suggested it for managing chronic pain, headaches, appetite loss, depression, and chronic fatigue. Its unique combination of uplifting and sedative effects provide a balanced treatment option.

Rare but remarkable, Fire Mint is a strain that’s worth seeking out. Whether you’re after a flavour explosion, a creativity boost, or some serious relaxation, this hybrid delivers a full spectrum experience that’s sure to impress.


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4 reviews for Fire Mint *GAS*

  1. Nissim Ifrah (verified owner)

    Really great tasting. Perfect high for a Saturday afternoon.

    • Quadzilla Cannabis Admin

      Good for any evenings to relax after a long day !

  2. Eric Chretien (verified owner)

    This is the best most cleanest bud you will ever smoke.

  3. Rob Egerton (verified owner)

    Very tasty with a great aroma

  4. Krunal Kamble (verified owner)

    Pricey but potent .. nice smoke !!

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