Fruity Pebbles



THC – 25.5%

CBD – 1.00%


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Fruity Pebbles Strain Overview

Fruity Pebbles is a balanced hybrid strain, famous for its unique flavour profile and versatile effects. A treat for both the senses and the mind, this strain provides a well-rounded experience.

Effects of Fruity Pebbles

Fruity Pebbles offers an engaging blend of both Indica and Sativa effects, making it a perfect all-rounder. The high comes on quickly, starting with a strong body buzz that promotes relaxation. This relaxing effect is often accompanied by some spacey, psychedelic sensations that can significantly heighten your senses.

The cerebral stimulation this strain provides can be great for engaging conversation, creative endeavors, and even physical activity. As the high progresses, it gradually mellows out into a more calming and serene experience. This makes Fruity Pebbles a great choice for those looking for a strain that can provide relaxation without completely sedating.

Due to its balanced effects and potent THC levels, Fruity Pebbles is often used by those looking to alleviate symptoms associated with pain, mood disorders, migraines, and attention deficit disorders.

Taste and Aroma

Fruity Pebbles truly shines in terms of aroma and flavour. The initial scent is sweet, filled with notes of citrus and berries. However, once the buds are broken open, the aroma becomes more complex, revealing a spicy, hash-like undertone.

The flavour is equally appealing, offering a smooth, sweet, and fruity taste when smoked. This is followed by a sugary aftertaste that makes each hit a delight to the senses.


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