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Product Overview:

Gas Garden Death Star Live Resin is a premium cannabis concentrate that offers a potent and flavourful cannabis experience.

Strain Info:

Death Star is a powerful, indica-dominant hybrid strain. As the offspring of Sensi Star and Sour Diesel, Death Star takes its potent effects from its parent strains and offers a mix of physical relaxation and cerebral liveliness. It is often used by those seeking relief from insomnia, pain, and stress.

Product Composition:

Live Resin is a type of cannabis extract that is valued for its high terpene content and the preservation of the plant’s original flavors and scents. This is achieved by flash-freezing the cannabis plant immediately after harvest, preserving its unique cannabinoid and terpene profile. The result is a flavourful, aromatic, and potent concentrate.

Usage and Consumption:

Gas Garden Death Star Live Resin can be consumed in various ways. It can be smoked by adding it to a joint or a bowl, vaporized in a suitable device, or consumed via dabbing, a method that involves the flash vaporization of cannabis concentrates.

Consumer Experience:

Thanks to its potent nature and the rich terpene profile of the Death Star strain, Gas Garden Death Star Live Resin provides a deeply flavourful and aromatic experience. Despite its high quality, it remains an affordable choice for cannabis enthusiasts.

As with all cannabis products, especially those of high potency, consumption should be approached with caution, particularly for novices or those with a low tolerance. It’s recommended to start with small amounts and gradually increase until you find your preferred dosage.


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