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Product Overview:

Gas Garden Diamond Sauce Live Resin is a premium concentrate that presents an exceptional combination of high potency and rich flavour. The product showcases the brand’s signature offering with THC levels consistently testing over 90%.

Strain Info:

Tahoe OG is a strong and fast-acting variant of the OG Kush strain, known for its earthy, lemony flavors with a hint of spice. It is perfect for those nights when you want to wind down and relax.

Product Composition:

This Diamond Sauce contains a 60:40 ratio of large, faceted THC-A diamonds to high terpene sauce. THC-A diamonds are a crystalline structure primarily made up of THC-A, the acid form of THC, which converts into THC when heated.

The high terpene sauce component provides robust flavors and aromas, thanks to the preservation of terpenes, the aromatic compounds in cannabis responsible for the plant’s unique scent and taste.

Usage and Consumption:

Diamond Sauce is typically consumed via dabbing, using a dab rig or a similar device, which allows users to experience the high potency and robust flavour of the concentrate directly.

Consumer Experience:

Tahoe OG Diamond Sauce is an ideal choice for the seasoned cannabis consumer seeking a highly potent experience. The combination of high THC content and rich terpenes offer a balanced experience of strong effects and flavourful terpene profiles.

This product is perfect for avid dabbers looking for a high-potency dab with a full-bodied flavour.


Blue Lotus, El Jefe, Monster Cookies, Tahoe OG, Tuna, White Rhino


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