Indica Dom Hybrid
THC – 27.3%
CBD – 0.95%


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Gas MAC Strain Overview

Gas MAC is a limited edition strain that promises an exceptional experience for cannabis enthusiasts. The strain, a triple cross between Great Aunt Secret, Star Fighter, and MAC, delivers a potent, long-lasting high that leaves you in a state of serene tranquility.

Flavour and Aroma

With its unique flavour profile, Gas MAC treats users to a medley of delectable notes. The strain delivers a harmony of fruit and berry flavors, underscored by pungent earthy undertones and hints of sweetness. This makes for a delightful tasting experience that mirrors the quality of the high it offers.

The Effects

Prepare for a robust and comprehensive high when consuming Gas MAC. The strain starts off with a cerebral lift that promotes a mood boost, silencing any negative or racing thoughts that may occupy your mind. This elevating mental experience is then gradually replaced by a full-body relaxation.

As the high evolves, Gas MAC lures you into a heavy couch-lock that leaves you blissfully stoned and potentially immovable. The power of this strain’s effects cannot be overstated, and the high is concluded with a lulling influence that can guide you into a deep and peaceful sleep.

Potential Therapeutic Uses

Given its strong mental and physical effects, Gas MAC may prove beneficial for those seeking relief from stress, anxiety, insomnia, and pain. Its ability to create mental calm can be especially helpful for those grappling with racing thoughts or mental discomfort.

Side Effects

As with any potent cannabis strain, responsible use of Gas MAC is advised. The intensity of the high can be overwhelming for some, especially novice users or those with lower THC tolerance.

Gas MAC is a cannabis strain that makes a mark with its powerful high and delightful flavour profile. It promises a comprehensive experience that begins with cerebral euphoria and ends in deep physical relaxation. Its therapeutic potential also makes it a strain worth considering for medical cannabis patients. However, its potency warrants careful and mindful consumption.


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