Greasy Pink Kush

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THC – 30%

CBD – 0.90%

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Greasy Pink Kush Strain- Overview

Greasy Pink Kush is a pure Indica strain, renowned for inducing profound relaxation and easing you into a peaceful night’s sleep. It is particularly recommended for evening or nighttime use due to its powerful sedative effects.

Effects and Experience

Greasy Pink Kush’s effects will significantly slow down your world, inducing a state of deep relaxation that could easily tip over into sleepiness. After a long day of work, this strain may provide the necessary relief to help you unwind and drift off to sleep. Be prepared to stay on your couch or bed once the effects fully set in.

Flavour and Aroma

This strain offers a robust and pungent aroma with strong notes of diesel and earth. When it comes to flavour, Greasy Pink Kush presents a rich blend. You can expect to taste diesel gas on the inhale, a common characteristic of heavy Kush strains. This is balanced by a woodsy flavour with hints of floral and sweet notes, offering an overall pleasant tasting experience.

Medical Benefits

With its high THC level and powerful effects, Greasy Pink Kush is often chosen by medicinal patients. It may help alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety, promote improved appetite, and offer relief from chronic pain. The strong sedative effects can also be beneficial in treating insomnia, helping users achieve a good night’s sleep.


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4 reviews for Greasy Pink Kush

  1. hedayat sharifi (verified owner)

    Heavy duty. Not for beginners

  2. Barry Reid (verified owner)

    Nice gassy indica .

  3. Eric Chretien (verified owner)

    Great bud! If you like pink strains, this is a must try.

  4. hedayat sharifi (verified owner)

    hope you get more of this. good indica

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