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Healing Tree Hash: Experience the Original Extraction Method: 7 Grams

Healing Tree Hash represents the essence of one of the most ancient forms of cannabis extraction. This splendid and aromatic style of Hashish traces its origins back thousands of years, embodying the original craft of extracting cannabis concentrates.

Crafting Process: The Art of Hand Rubbing

The secret of Healing Tree Hash lies in its method of creation. Craftsmen employ an ancient technique that involves hand rubbing fresh cannabis flowers. As the flowers are delicately rubbed, they secrete oils and THC compounds. The warmth generated from the friction activates these compounds, resulting in the accumulation of live resin in the palm of the hand. This technique separates the potent THC resinous materials from the plant material, yielding a highly concentrated product.

Potency: High THC Concentration

Healing Tree Hash is recognized for its remarkable potency. Due to its careful extraction process, this hash typically boasts a THC potency ranging between 65% to 80%. This high concentration of THC ensures an intense and fulfilling cannabis experience.

Origin: Crafted in Beautiful BC Valleys

Healing Tree Hash originates from the scenic valleys of British Columbia. Each batch is handcrafted with careful precision, carrying with it the dedication and mastery of its craftspeople. The result is a product that brings together traditional craftsmanship with high-quality cannabis, offering users a glimpse into the historical roots of cannabis extraction.

6 reviews for Healing Tree Hash

  1. Christopher Crumb (verified owner)

    I like this. It tastes good, has a nice mellow effect and is fairly potent. Soft, malleable & easy to work with too. I like to roll it with a little bit of tobacco and it is easy to work with just the fingers, so I don’t have to torch the hash first to work with it. Or I light and smoke the pure hash smoke off a pin. Good honest old school hash. I have bought it twice now. I’d definitely recommend it. Very good value. I prefer it to pressed hash. I even like it better then some more expensive hash. (My only disappointment was no tree mark pressed into the piece I got, which is no big deal. really.)

  2. Mr Lincoln Mathura (verified owner)

    This hash is like a low to medium effect. I have order butter once from them.

  3. Michel Salem (verified owner)

    Smooth , easy to roll, great initial buzz but not long lasting I would recommend it as it does not put you out for the day

  4. Gary McAdam (verified owner)

    It’s was quite tasty and a nice buzz thanks Quadzilla

  5. Steven Schinkel (verified owner)

    Nice body stone. Provides some pain relief. Soft and easy to work with. Mild enough for day use. An enjoyable stone.

  6. Gary McAdam (verified owner)

    Second time I bought this I usually buy red Lebanese. When you were out of the red so I thought I’d try this and it’s really tasty I enjoyed this even more than the first time I bought this hash. I like how easy it is to roll a joint plus it make you feel mellow and super high. That’s why I gave it five stars thanks again Quadzilla

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