Kitchen Poop

THC  27%

CBD  0.90%


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Kitchen Poop: A Unique and Full-Bodied Hybrid Strain

Don’t let the unusual name put you off; Kitchen Poop is a delightful strain known for its potent, full-bodied effects. This bud boasts a complex blend of characteristics, making it an exceptional hybrid for those seeking a high-powered experience.


The high from Kitchen Poop begins in the head, sparking feelings of euphoria, creativity, and energy. These cerebral effects may make it a great choice for those seeking a boost in creative projects or day-to-day activities.

As you delve deeper into this state of creative euphoria, your body succumbs to a relaxing physical high. This sensation locks you to your couch and induces a state of profound relaxation and lethargy. It’s an ideal choice for an evening wind-down or lazy weekend afternoons.

Therapeutic Uses

Given its effects and THC level, many users choose Kitchen Poop to help manage conditions such as migraines or headaches, chronic stress, depression, and chronic pain. The strain’s potent, relaxing body high can offer significant relief from physical discomfort, while the uplifting cerebral effects may help combat stress and depression.

Flavour and Aroma

Kitchen Poop features a delightful blend of flavors and aromas. The flavour profile is sweet and creamy with a nutty undertone, complemented by a slightly fruity exhale. The aroma mirrors these flavors, adding a hint of rich earthiness for a well-rounded sensory experience.

While its name might raise eyebrows, Kitchen Poop is a strain worth trying for its robust effects and delightful flavour profile. Whether you’re seeking to uplift your mood, stimulate creativity, or alleviate physical discomfort, Kitchen Poop has a lot to offer. Just remember to pace yourself, as this strain’s potent effects can be quite intense for novices or those with a lower THC tolerance.


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